• Residential Painting

    BKNY INTERIORS PAINTING offers a number of products and services including:
    Interior Services. paint my home nyc understands that interior painting requires a special level of care and attention to detail. Our staff of year-round professionals has painted area interiors for over ten years.

    • Painting with premium paint.
    • Textured Walls and Ceilings, Knock down, Orange peel
    • Acoustic Removal.
    • Drywall repair, taping and installation
    • Caulking & sealing of windows, doors and baseboards
    • Installation of Moldings, Crown molding, Base boards, Casing.
    • Wallpaper removal
    • Stripping and refinishing of stained trim and cabinetry
    Exterior Services.
    BKNY INTERIORS PAINTING has painted hundreds of homes in the Brooklyn and manhattan area. Our staff of year-round professionals will provide you with a superior level of workmanship at a competitive rate.
    • Custom Painting with Premium Quality Paint.
    • Electrometric Coatings.
    • Pressure Washing.
    • Stucco Repair.
    • Light Carpentry service
    • Mildew Treatment.
    • Glazing, Windows and Door Sashes.
    • Caulking Seams and Casings.
    • Priming.
    • Staining.