We Make It Easy to Find Your Perfect House Paint Colors

Looking for some inspiration for your home painting project? 
at bkny painting, we are here to help you decorate and color your home. You will be glad you stopped here to review these house paint colors and design tips!In the below palettes, you'll find four color strips. Each strip is a complete house paint colors collection that you can use to your liking; so have us paint the colors you want to see on your walls and ceiling, and save the other colors for fabrics, furnishings, and accents.

Living Room Color Palette

Suggested usage:
Try pairing more subtle wall colors with bold accents that will stand out against softer hues.

 Kitchen Color Palette

Suggested usage:
Rich accents can spice up any kitchen color palette and create a warm inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests.

 Bedrooms Color Palettes

Suggested usage: 
Make your bedroom a soothing place to fall asleep at night. Choose soothing colors or creamy bases to give your personal space a relaxing atmosphere.

Bathrooms Color Palette

Suggested usage:
Let your bathroom show a reflection of your personal style. Choose colors that you find warm and pleasant which will make getting up in the morning that much easier.
Please Note: The chart above is for reference only. Please visit your local paint supply store for an actual paint chip sample.