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Exterior Paint New York

The exterior of a house is the business card for the viewer. That is, it is the first impression in human sight. So a good exterior paint not only gives life to a place. Also, it gives more value to it. On the other hand it says a lot about a person or firm.

Bkny Painting once again ratifies the duty with the New York families to do neat jobs.  On the one hand we are experts of fame to change interiors. On the other hand we have tact in: 
  • Exterior painting
  • Stucco renovation
  • Coating...

Over time we won the public's choice. Our works say so. Along with a great team, we have:
  • Good tools
  • Materials
  • High-end products …

They form the ideal team for a job that everyone will want.

Exterior paint in phases.

As with the interior paint, we have our outdoor methods:

Preparation. we check the current conditions of the walls and if they have fungi  or splinters we remove them. In the same way if there is loose paint we do the same. Then we wash press with the precise tools to remove the dirt and leave the surface clean. Then we wash   pressure to remove the dirt and leave the surface clean. 

Cure.  This is to repair damages in: 
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stucco...

We fill cracks or joints of doors, frames and windows.  We also put new stucco when you need it. On the other hand we sand wood in tort.

Protection. This is, cover:
  • Door and window frames
  • Lights
  • Decorative objects
  • More...

Seal. In general, if the new color is the same as the old one, painters do not put primers. But we arrived to make a difference. So we put a layer of sealant and thus block the old color.

Paint. To start, we choose a color that suits the client's taste. Also that looks the same style. But we consider texture and color of:
  • Roof
  • Brick / stone
  • Stucco...


It is good to know that the type and method of exterior paint differs with interior paint. This is due to weather changes that support the walls. So if it is a cold place of constant rain we put the semi-gloss. Apart from protecting, it has a light reflective texture. 

For outdoor areas with faults we can apply flat. In fact it stands out for the thick texture. Distant from the semi-gloss it is not very reflective. But it dries fast.

For details in wood we have Satin. Although it is thick as flat, its texture is a bit reflective. It is also ideal for:
  • Window Edges
  • Doors
  • Sheds ...

Prior check. After painting our team evaluates possible details to correct in case it merits it. So if the experts admit it, the customer check begins.

When the client says yes to work, our team performs the cleaning of the home. 

 The exterior paint strikes with: 
  • Houses
  • Buildings
  • Shops...

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