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Interior Painting
Interior Painting Brooklyn

Interior Painting is a quick way to change spaces so you don't have to go to hard work. In fact is ideal for merchants who do not want to waste time. No sales. So the painting turns the look of places easy and cheap. Of course it is good to have experts in the field to meet the goal.

Bkny Painting has more than 10 years in the market at the service of New Yorkers. On the one hand we have experts to give the best job. In the same way we are school for our team. On the other hand we have good tools. In this way we ensure great work.

We love what we do and our projects are proof of that. In fact our customers say to.

Painting is not only for one or two layers of paint. In effect it refers to doing the work in steps so that it goes well. So when we attend your request, we check the place.Then we begin to empty the area. In other words, try to leave the place with few objects. 

That is, take them to another site or at least place them in the center. Also, dress them well to avoid stains.

A good cleaning ensures the quick paste of the paint. So our team performs this task for you so don't worry. Then we extract:
  • Power input caps
  • Switches
  • Others...
So the work is complete.

On the one hand we cure cracks or holes in the wall. On the other hand we scrape the old paint that is falling. Then we put primer.

Interior painting with experts.

So the wall is ready to put paint. So we pass two layers at most. Of course it is in time periods. This is the first we apply, we hope it dries and so we place the second.

We verify that the work went well. But in case of error, we amend it on the spot. In the end we present the fruit to the client. So we listen to their opinions.

Service Areas.

  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • White Plains

Other services.

  • Exterior Painting 
  • Carpentry
  • Wallpaper...
With us you will make the best investment in your life. Great prices. So don't waste any more time. Contact us now