Plaster Repair

Plaster Repair & Skim Coat in NYC

Whether you want to prepare a room’s walls for wallpaper, or you just like the smooth, silky texture of a skim coat plastered wall, you are making a great choice in skim coat plaster. At Brooklyn Interior Paiting, we are expert craftsmen of skim coat plastering in New York City Area. It’s hard to find another home repair company in New York that has the expertise, mastery, craftsmanship, and competitive price as Brooklyn Interior Paiting

Brooklyn Interior Paiting is a full service plastering company that specializes in a wide range of plastering jobs from walls in a residential home to the complete plasterwork for commercial space. We believe that, preparation is the most important phase prior to plastering.

Our plastering services include:

1) Preparation work, before Paint or Wallpaper Installation.
2)  Rough & Finish Plaster.
3)  Skim Coating & Repair Walls or Ceiling.
4)  Cracks & Holes Repair – Ceiling & Walls.
5)  Any type of Water Damage Repair (Ceiling & Walls).
6) After Popcorn Removal – Skim coating is the best solution.