Broken white color

Broken white color
Broken White Color

There is a varied color palette of white, and broken or dirty white is one of them. He himself has advantages when it comes to decoration. Many times we advise using broken white to combine with the rest of the shades.

Below we will explain why you choose this color over pure white:

  • In an environment with good lighting, traditional white becomes annoying, dazzling and creates too much contrast.
  • In general, the fabrics and upholstery used in the decoration are not pure white, but have a more natural or grayish hue. Pure white can be very strident on the walls or ceiling and take away the prominence to the furniture.
  • In addition, everyone knows that because it is white it usually gets dirty more easily. Because of this it is not recommended since the spots are visible more easily.

If you want to make broken white at home in a really easy way, here we explain it to you! All you will need is to have pure white paint and know what tone you want.

To achieve the broken white you must choose a pure white and start from this color so that it becomes a more muted tone. That's why you need white paint and a dye that can be black or brown.


  • The first thing you should do is pour a few drops of the dye into the white paint. When you remove it you will see how the purity of the white darkens slightly. Repeat until you feel that you have achieved the tone you want.


  • Ideally, take a container in which you can pour the white paint and add a couple of drops of the dye. You must mix it to analyze whether it is getting dirty or not.
  • Once you have the desired color you can start painting the walls. Let the first layer dry as the tone sounds slightly higher once you have applied it.

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