Quality paints | Learn to identify them with these keys

Quality Paints
Quality Paints

The time has come to paint the house or you want to give it  a new look. On the one hand, paint shops offer products hat you wants. But  the quality is low. So in a short time there are problems such as paleness, take off... On the other hand there are high price products, but they save time. Also funds. That is, quality paints.

Price is key in the range of a product. Of course, in the case of paintings is the same. So at first glance you will believe that the cost is high. But then you'll see it's worth it.

There are many paint brands that differ in cost. But it is normal to see a brand see its product line at class levels.

This is the first point to meet quality paints, but there is more. You want to know?. Keep reading…

What you should know about quality paints.
The paintings bring some pigment name, which is what gives the color. Then in good paints the dye is TiO2  along with others. Now in bad paints the dye is:

So aim.

Texture. That is, a high-end paint is soft and creamy. But bad paints are sandy. To know which is which, insert your thumb and index finger into some paint. Then, there you will see to which scale it belongs.

This article gives customers and sellers. So it is vital to know about the product to buy or sell.  In this way both parties win. Here are tips that expand data on quality paints.

Brand endorsed. If the paint pot bears the seal of (CPSC) is of quality. This is because it complies with the safety clauses of consumer products. But for this the agency practices hard tests on the components of the paint. That is, it refers to:

Market exit...

When the (CPSC) seats the test, the paint obtains the certificate.

ASP Certification: 04: 01. Asthma & Allergy Friendly is a certification brand that takes care of human health. In fact, this program seeks to scientifically test products that fit in people with these conditions.

Experts create rules that the product must meet. On the one hand, they check the number of dyes that cause allergy. On the other hand, they evaluate the gift to hold beings that cause harm.

When the product seats the strict tests, the (ASL) grants the stamp.

So with this signal you can be sure that it is good!!!.


ISO 9001 standard.

It is crucial that a product or service has credits for the ISO-9000 standard. First as it meets the regulatory needs. So, please the user.  

In any case, there is a paper that affirm the trait of the product.

Be sure to ask the seller.

 People buy paintings for:

  • Prices
  • Other tips...

Check if it is washable.

It is rare to see stains on walls with high-end paints. Even so they resist rubbing cloths with soap and water. In other words it does not come off when cleaning. So say goodbye to:

  • Coffee stains
  • Scratches
  • Footprints...

Bad paintings can't stand this job.

Fungicidal additives.

These prevent the birth of fungi in walls. It is ideal for wet sites. In fact the pot label reflects this.


With quality paints with one hand the wall is ready. But for strong colors a second pass is not bad. On the other hand, with low-end paints the usual is up to 4 hands. After all, while the paint yields, it is better. This is how you save:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Effort...


It is usual for bad paints to expel strong or foul odors. On the other hand, a good paint has a good aroma.

Time of life.

It is good to ask the seller the life of the painting on the wall. Then there will be an idea of ​​when to pass the next hand.

If a paint splashes a lot when putting it on it is not good.

Price and range.

It is true that at a higher price more range. It is also that there are lower cost paintings that work well. In fact, there are latex paints that prevent mold formation. That is, fungi. On the other hand there are white plastic paints:
  • Hard on bacteria
  • Nice smell
  • 4 liters
  • Good price...
There are also cheap monolayers, that is, the wall looks perfect in one hand. In fact there are:
  • With color chart
  • Easy to put on
  • 2.5 or 5 lts …
Nor is it to choose the one with the highest cost. The point is to know some details and so you will have a price / quality balance.

Bases to buy quality paints.

Still doubt to buy the best paintings?. We have more bases that will clear them. 

Two in one. I mean you don't need to buy a primer since the paint has it.

Color for longer. Bone does not pale over the years as in the poor.

Versatile. So you can use these types of paintings in:
  • Walls
  • Metals
  • Doors
  • Vinyl ...

In short, it adheres well on all surfaces.

It helps preserve health. This is due to lead removal. Also of other bad additives for health that bring some paints. In fact studies prove that these agents cause harm to the nervous system.

 You can see that cheap can be expensive in the end. 

We hope this article serves you. In fact you can share it with your friends if you wish. For more information you can read:

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