The ideal paints for exteriors in brooklyn new york.

The ideal paints for exteriors in Brooklyn new york.

Surely it has happened to you that you want to paint the façade of you house and give it a new image. However, you can´t make up our mind because there are so many brands and attractive colors out there. And because of this you have thought about how ideal it would be to acquire form guaranteed sources professional paint for this residential part, and thus be able to give it that elegant and beautiful touch.

However, buying such a decisive resource as this is something that should not be done lightly, so you need to know where and from whom to buy. Being the best option for this, Bkny Painting. Which is formed by an outstanding team in the area of professional painting, and a unique creativity to transform small, medium and large spaces.

From Brooklyn New York, we provide you with all the facility of payment for the acquisition of this high-quality product. At the same time we apply the best techniques of work covering the required needs, with which you can also fill with harmony, color and comfort the interior and exterior spaces, you will impress many by the new style that will print!

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Renovating facades usually requires a certain investment and that is why the chosen material is expected to last for several years. Is today´s market you can find a wide variety of paints and coatings of different material components and prices that fulfill similar functions which makes the choice more difficult, but if you choose will, you will save maintenance costs in the future.

Therefore, protecting the exterior of the house will not only renew its image and improve its aesthetics, but will also help preserve the surface form deterioration over time by minimizing the formation of cracks or detachment of plaster. Of course, there are durable alternatives with support and resistance to sevee weather conditions.

Indeed, among the products with these characteristics is latex paint, since its durability has become a very good option to take into account to transform and renovate the façade. In addition, for walls with cracks and micro cracks, the most suitable is the waterproofing, which provides greater elasticity, preventing water from penetrating the surface.

Similarly, textured siding covers the walls and provides texture, color and protection. Also very prominent in this list is the 100 % acrylic and vinyl acrylic paint, which offers the highest protection against humidity. All these paints, besides having a high covering power, are available in an infinite number of colors. At very economical prices compared to other paints with higher performance.


·         Offers a wide range of colors.

·         Guarantees different quality brands.

·         It is durable and resistant.

·         Improves the aesthetics of the façade.

·         Supports severe weather conditions very well.

·         Provides the highest protection against humidity.

·         Provides texture, color and beauty.

·         Contains anti-fungicidal components which prevents mold and mildew.

·         Features flexibility, which avoids cracking.

·         It´s easy to apply and excellent hiding power.

·         Dries fast.

·         It´s washable.

The best in quality exterior painting.

In Bkny Painting, we strive to fulfill every project that our customers propose us. Being our specialty very broad, as we cover residential painting, commercial painting, interior painting, exterior painting, remodeling, renovation and wood flooring. We adjust to the requirements and demands of our clients with an excellent service without exception.

In order to meet the needs of the largest number of clients, we have a wide range of colors of interior and exterior walls in residential and commercial spaces. Which in addition to providing cleanliness, beauty and protection, will help with their shades to renew and impressively transform the surfaces, leaving them as good as new.

We help and advise you in the choice of color, since with this we can transform the size of the rooms or graduate its luminosity, as well as renovate your façade, implementing the most sophisticated techniques that will make the front of your residence more beautiful and extraordinary. Undoubtedly to fulfill your project to the fullest we are your best option!

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