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Apartment Painting in New York
Apartment Painting in New York

There are many of us who live in apartments in New York. Either in a small studio or a picturesque garden apartment. In any case, you have the option of enjoying the interior painting project options of Bkny Painting. No matter the size of the apartment, if you want to paint the interior and give it the touch you want, you can contact us. If you like traditional trends, modern or rustic nature, it is ideal to find the right paint combinations.

We offer paint design consultations for those who know they crave a change but seem unable to point it out.

Apartment paintings for small rooms.

When painting small spaces; the studio apartment, convertible, studio-convertible and studio-alcove. we recommends choosing colors that improve the space that makes the room feel bigger than it is. Neutral colors help this. Grays with white, beige and tan, blue accessories can help improve the space and feel it bigger.


For their apartments that are more spacious like; The lofts or junior apartments. These could still benefit from neutrality, but they can also adopt more fun colors that would have the same effect. Both orange blossom and white accents and light gray hazelnuts are an excellent example of paintings to play with energy. Also a light gray  with white, is a classic combination that will create a feeling of openness.

Great color combinations of apartment paint

For New York apartments that want a personal style you must follow the current trends to get it!

For those who love sunlight and vitality: Bright yellow and white are returning with a whole new level of energy. Not to mention that pale yellow is also ideal for those who like the idea of ​​yellow but are not committed to the intensity of Bright Yellow.

The greens and blues will never disappear from current trends, playing with textures and accents that appeal more to your style will help the apartment's paint better suit your tastes.

Our company has a team of specialists who have skills that make them experts in the industry. With our services, you can count on a team with an exceptional work ethic, a friendly customer service and a prestigious workforce. We use high quality products, equipment, tools and supplies. We guarantee excellent results!

No matter what you are looking for, we can help you achieve it. Our apartment painting service is impeccable and crisp, leaving your apartment painted perfectly.

we offers a multitude of contracting services to businesses and homes locally.

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