Carpentry in Brooklyn

Carpentry in Brooklyn

Carpentry is the name of the trade and the workshop or place to work both wood and its derivatives. As a goal Bkny Painting wants to be part of the renovation of the physical form of wood so you can create a different environment.

We will help you create useful and perfect objects for decorating your home. Here are some of the many things we can do:

  • Furniture
  • Door frames
  • Moldings
  • Desks
  • Bookcases 
  • And, with the best styles; either rustic or elegant looking. 
We have everything for you!

Carpentry molding services

Our team offers molding services to both residential homes and commercial businesses in New York.

We also think big when it comes to the following facilities:

  • Crown beam
  • Interior doors
  • Skirting boards
  • Wainscoting
  • Lane president
  • Covered doors
  • Covered windows
  • Doors build ups-
  • Window build ups
  • The mantels fireplace
  • And other clipping projects
Interior painting and staining

We also provide the ideal finish choice, whether you prefer to dye or paint. We will give an immaculate touch to your trim. Here we have many options of cuts and thanks to that we are part of a large part of the homes. In addition, you will not only improve the style of your home; but we will help you to be at the forefront.


  • Crown molding is a recent trend in recent decades. It is usually an ornament made of wood or plaster installed where the ceiling and wall meet and this is also installed on the top of the cabinets, cladding walls, pilasters and the top of the window and door ornaments.
  • We install the plugs at the meeting point of the floor and the wall. Same as ceiling molding; but the baseboard is usually made of wood and gently combines the corner of the wall and the floor in an elegant screen.
  • Fiber boards build wooden panels to install them at the bottom of the walls.
  • Chair rails also known as slotted rails. They are moldings installed horizontally on the wall around the perimeter of a room and also are coordinated with a basic backrest of the chair. The chair rails are a decorative piece to prevent the wear of the chairs, sofas and armchairs that rub against the walls.

More Services:

With our great experience in the industry of carpentry, in addition to being masterfully trainedur extraordinary team of professionals executes all services in record time. Our company are fully insured, authorized, and certified to perform all the services we offer.