Children Bedroom Paint Murals Wallpaper
Children Bedroom Paint Murals Wallpaper

The little ones in the house have a different perception from the adults. In fact we can say that they have their own world. So preparing the children bedroom is special. In case you need to renovate this small space, you have the best ones.

Bkny Painting clearly knows how to change spaces easily. Also fast. Of course we have a team of experts in interior design where painting is queen. But this does not mean that we do not work in other areas. In fact, the services we offer in this and other cases are:
  • Interior painting
  • Custom murals
  • Imitation finishes
  • Drywall repair / replacement / mount
  • Peeling / stripping / mounting wallcovering
  • Ceiling moldings
  • Plugs …
We are experts in interior painting. So we do projects for tastes:
  • Classics
  • Trends
  • Custom…
If you want to give a magical touch to your little one’s room and you don’t know how to start, we can help you calmly. In other words, we have advisors who facilitate the choice of ideal shades for children. On the one hand there are the designs for babies. On the other hand for the older ones. In any case, our work is impeccable.

Murals and imitation finishes for children bedroom.

Our artists make custom murals to create a unique room according to what you are looking for. Indeed our experience helps to create true works of art. Also for us it is a pleasure to display them on your walls. In turn we use high-end products for a good result.

Wallpaper for children Bedroom
Wallpaper for children Bedroom


There are great sheets of wallpaper for children’s areas. Also with us you can create a parallel world in your children bedroom. In other words, you will immerse yourself in the theme of the wallpaper. As for our task, apart from assembling new sheets, we also replace old ones..

Regarding wall coverings, we also mount or remove them with the same ease. So no matter what you are looking for, we do it for you.

Decorative wall, ceiling moldings and plinth.

The molding is a screen that combines the wall and ceiling for decorative purposes. In this sense we have a team of master craftsmen in crow and base moldings. So they have the task of perfecting the child’s room with these accessories.

Do you need to improve a children bedroom?. Do you want a complete makeover ?. Relax these with the ideals for these projects. Of course we listen to you and adjust both in design and cost to your needs.

Service areas.

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Bronxville
  • Tarrytown …

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