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Dining room renovation - decoration New York

The dining room is the last place to renovate. But there families share, enjoy good meals, projects and visits. So it is important to have this space with a good look like the rest of the house. In fact, with small touches you will have a comfortable place with style and character.

For people on a low budget, investing in an upgrade may be perfect. In other words, there is no complete renewal. Therefore the cost is low. But the service is good. Then look at the services that Bkny Painting offers and you can select the ones you need:
  • Interior painting
  • Mount or removal of wallpaper
  • Wall recovering
  • Ceiling moldings
  • Pedestal
  • Chair rails
  • Drywall repair
  • Popcorn roof removal and more.

First, interior painting to renovate your home in New York is a good step. Now then, the fake paint job falls in this place. But we also offer painting about trends, psychology or whatever you want.

With bold tones, a uniform dining room moves into a vibrant setting. As in the case of burnt orange.

Repair of plaster panels on the dining room wall.

We offer repair or replacement of drywall. On the one hand small evils. On the other hand to the complete wall. Indeed our experts give an exact diagnosis of what you need. So your place will look like new.

Mount and removal.

For classic tastes we bring wallpaper. So you can give the dining room an elegant look. Also the wooden panels add warmth. On the other hand we can remove the old wallpaper and put a new one.

Base and ceiling moldings.

Plugs and crown molding can be the finishing touches to complete the place. In turn, the ceiling moldings along with the wall and baseboards that do the same on the floor, create harmony.

There are hundreds of ways to renovate any space in the home. Of course, those who know the point do it quickly and easily. In fact with simple things. In this way, cover any need at cheap prices. For this reason we are in the market.

Service areas.

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Bronxville
  • Tarrytown …

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