Drywall Tape Finish – Textures | Mount – Renvation – Repair

Drywall tape finish in New York
Drywall tape finish in New York

Drywall is an option for creating interior spaces quickly and easily. In fact they come in various sizes, styles, and models. Then you can find classic and modern shapes. In other words, as you wish. They also give a great look to residences and businesses in New York by experts.

While it is true that they are resistant, it is also true that they are fragile to damage. But repairing is easy. Also carefully it will have long life. So if you need a recording and texturing service at affordable prices, we are here to serve you.

In case of breakdown, our team solves the problem. This is thanks to our experience with this type of work. Also because we use the ideal tools for this purpose. So if your drywall requires repair only the experts will give you the solution. If not, the problem may grow

Choose the type of drywall.

The client’s contact with our team is reciprocal. In other words, we check the needs of our clients. On the one hand we have designs with beautiful standard type finishes.

On the other hand we have classic designs that fit the place. Also modern styles for those who love trends. Either way we will give a result that exceeds your expectations.

Apart from recording and texturing on drywall we offer you:
  • Interior painting
  • Wood paneling
  • Mounting / removing / repairing wallpaper …

More services.

Why choose us?.

Before choosing an interior design company, you need to know its history over time. This is to check portfolio, score on the web, positive reviews on it. In this way you will be calm and proceed to contract the services.

Bkny painting is an interior design contractor with more than a decade, specialists in residential and commercial painting. Indeed we offer high-end services for New Yorkers who are happy with our results.

Also, our experts are licensed and insured to work. In this way our clients trust what we do.

We offer projects that are trending in every era. But we also have designs that span generations. We also have a range of services available. In fact you can check them on this website. As if that were not enough we have high-end tools and products from top brands.

Service areas.

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Bronxville
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