Bkny Painting is a full service paint contractor. Thus, we supply jobs to commercial and residential owners throughout New York. We have the help of high-end equipment available exclusively for licensed professionals. We can guarantee maximum results.

Committed to providing our clients with an exceptional work ethic and superior performance for a phenomenal experience.


In an effort to improve the customer experience on our website, we have decided to create this tab.

We have a list of frequently asked questions to answer them conveniently. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact our operators directly.

Q. How soon does my project start?

A. We perform services in order of arrival. Then once we start your project, we will work continuously at your service until it is completed.

Q. Who supervises the service?

A. We have fully trained and knowledgeable leaders in the field and experience to supervise each service performed. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we ensure a job well done.

Q. Can I ask for references before committing to you?


With a thorough selection process employees and a detailed background check, you can be sure that our team is perfect.

Q. Are you fully insured, guaranteed and licensed?

A. Yes, we have all the credentials necessary to provide our authentication. Also our technicians.

Q. Can BKNY PAINTING perform additional services in addition to painting services?

A. We offer selected services to our clients that can renovate their home or business in high quality conditions. Request more details.

Q. Does a resident of the house have to be on the premises while work is completed?

A. That is a matter of your preference. Actually, you don't have to be at home while our team is working hard. Moreover, with our high morale, thorough evaluation and employees with verified background, you can trust that BKNY PAINTING can function without the supervision of the residents. We are very professional and can make arrangements for your convenience.

Q. What are my preparation requirements before starting work?

A. We only ask our clients to move with small ornaments, photos and treatments of windows with light, and curtain-type items before starting. Then our team will carry out all other preparation work, including moving and protecting furniture and other similar tasks. After completing your project, we will place the furniture in its original location.

Q. How often is the application of interior paint recommended?


  • The quality of the paint used.
  • Daily abuse supported.
  • Presence of smokers in the home.
  • Regular use of fireplace.

 Although circumstances surround the time that an efficient paint job lasts, with regular care and maintenance, your paint should last between 6 and 10 years. 

Q. If there is damage to the drywall, should I repair it first?

A. BKNY PAINTING specialists are more than qualified to perform minor repairs and replacements of drywall, ceiling and moldings. So if we want the paint to look sharp and precise, damaged drywall will make the result difficult.

Q. After completing the painting. How long should I wait before cleaning the windows?

A. We recommend waiting 30 days before allowing cleaning agents to come in contact with the new paint. Moreover, although the paint dries in a few hours, the healing process takes longer.

Q. Can I leave the paint left over?

A. We leave the option of preserving any excess paint for touch-ups along the way if necessary. In fact the paint will remain fresh in a well sealed can for many years.

Q. What does a painting consultation imply?

A. In a consultation service, we discuss the services you want for your home. Also the expenses, the process and the estimated time.


The question is to answer all the questions you have. So help him feel confident in our abilities.

We have paint consultants that can help you find a new and modern style. Also optimal ways to incorporate traditional paints and methods.

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