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Faux Finish
Faux Finishes in New York

Bkny Painting has an extensive list of skills and one of those is the faux finish. Our services extend to commercial and residential customers in both New York and New Jersey. The name "faux" is of 

French origin, and when used in our industry. It is basically painted replicas of wood grains or variations of stone.

With imitation finishes, we can guarantee elegance and character to both your business and your home. Also at incredible prices.

Whether you want to paint an interior wall or the exterior of the garage with a false finish, we have it covered. With our team of professionals who provide our fake finishing service, everything will be perfect.

Painting techniques with imitation finish.

Below, some imitation finishes that we include, but are not limited to are:
  • Venetian plaster
  • Brick imitation
  • Metal imitation
  • Imitation clouds
  • Marble imitation
  • Leather
  • Old world (Likely aged and worn plaster)
  • Color wash finishes
  • Tuscany or Old World Parchment
  • Imitation wood
  • Imitation concrete, and more

Faux Finish Paint Process

Our procedure is as follows:

Paint consultation: During the consultation, we can adapt its finish to be the theme and decoration you want.

Paint preparation: Our team clean the area to improve it with a faux finish; And we also apply minimal repairs when necessary. Once the walls are ready, we protect the floor, cutout and surrounding areas properly.

Faux finish paint: After the area is ready. You will find the faux finish you want.

Paint inspection: Once the service is executed, we check the results. If there is a fault, we correct it.

Paint cleaning: After the application. 


Final inspection: Finally, we present the completed project for approval.

We provide services to companies and homes in New York. And we have more than 10 years of experience in hiring. Our team of professionals executes all services in record time. We are insured, authorized and certified for all the services we offer.

Services Areas.

  • New York
  • Brooklyn
  • Tarrytown
  • Bronxville
  • White Plains...

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