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Home Office
Home Office design remodeling in New York

Many people decide to work from home and start their own micro business. Similarly, they have a space to carry out their daily work. Even serve clients. For this reason, the ideal is to have a space for such a goal. In other words, set up a home office.

Bkny Paintng has been working on interior design for New York residents since 2010. Therefore creating an ideal space to work from home is no problem. In fact we offer different designs and ornaments that make your office your best cover letter.

Being in your house is not a reason to carry out a simple office. On the contrary, it is one more reason to show your own style. But for a clearer idea we offer you:
  • Interior painting
  • Custom finishes
  • Murals
  • Wallpaper
  • Ceiling moldings
  • Drywall repair / mounting / removal
  • Sockets …

We know clearly what tones are suitable for your home office and we put them on your walls. Also, we have modern wallpaper designs that might interest you. And we easily repair or remove the current wallpaper. We also have wall coverings that will make your space look attractive. In effect, what you are looking for is found with us. For others we say that each project is neat, since we work we are passionate about what we do.

Base and ceiling moldings for home office.

In general, offices have shelves to file documents or other objects. For this reason, our team of experts uses drywall to create these accessories. Also for repairs you need. On the other hand, we work with skirting and ceiling moldings that make their own style. They also give elegance and boost your image.

We have excellent proposals for you, but we also listen to your needs. Likewise, we adjust a budget based on the project carried out. But don’t be afraid that our prices are cheap.

Why choose us?.

One of our virtues is experience. This is every year of work since our foundation we do things as well as possible with improvement in mind. On the other hand, we have a registered guarantee, which gives our clients peace of mind. Furthermore, our tools and products are high-end. Thus we give a quality service.

We are proud to present a clear balance between quality and price. So with us you will have the best results with little money.

Service areas.

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Bronxville
  • Tarrytown …

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