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Home Theater and press room
Home Theater and press room in New York

A home theater room is a virtue that some enjoy as much or better than a commercial space. It is that feeling of adrenaline but with fewer people and in your place. You can also see the film you want at any time.

Tired of waiting to go to the cinema and see the trend movies ?. Also, do you want a private space in your house to enjoy your favorite comedies ?. So don’t worry, Bkny painting helps you with this and more.

We have more than a decade giving the best interior design service to homes and businesses in New York. As is the case with:

So a home theater room is no problem.

Our experts know the subject well and each project is unique and meets the client’s needs. For this reason we use styles and details such as:
  • Interior painting
  • Custom murals
  • Imitation finishes
  • Wall cladding
  • Base and crown moldings
  • Drywall …

We have consultants who help you with the paint tones you like but ideal for movie theaters. As is the case with dark tones for walls and grayscale for the ceiling. So your space will look like a real cinema.

We offer decorative painting finishes with exclusive templates that will give a personal touch to the place. We also make freehand artistic creations by our experts. In fact we create fantastic murals.

If you are a lover of wallpaper, we also solve it. Since we have many styles, colors and textures that fit with you. Also, we work with wall coverings. On the other hand, if your space already has an old wallpaper, we can update it if you wish. In other words, it is a matter of taste.

Home theater with drywall.

Drywall gives a personal style to walls and ceilings. In fact, the spaces look modern, elegant and minimalist. Also it is good to create shelves for storage. On the other hand, these plates resist sound. So get ready to enjoy your quiet program.

Many virtues offer drywall. On the one hand, a mount is fast. On the other hand he is light weight. But the best is the price; it is affordable. So if you think of something new in a short time, drywall is ideal.

Ceiling moldings and plinth.

We love reaching everyone’s tastes. In fact we know that many customers in New York love ceiling moldings and baseboards. This is because they look attractive and give a unique look to the spaces. Of course we have designs for classic and modern tastes.

For its part, the baseboards raise the lower part of the walls. In general they are ornaments that give life in the renovation of the walls.

Why choose us?

When you see a company with a track record and a good portfolio, it is one of the best. So our company offers high-end services to New Yorkers since its inception. This is because we are prepared with necessary licenses and permits. Thus our clients are guaranteed a superior job.

We couple with time and thus offer trend projects of the moment. On the other hand we have a list of services that we cover and available at the best price. In fact you can check them here on our portal. Of course we use high-end tools with products from the best brands.

Service areas.

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Bronxville
  • Tarrytown …

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