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Hospital and medical centers
Hospital and medical centers renovation in New York

A clean and good-looking hospital ensures health for both workers and patients. In addition, it is a reason to think that the center offers first class service. In this sense, the place gains a reputation.

Psychology is important in the patient’s mood. In other words, soft tones on the walls give calm to the patient or their relatives. Even more in times of pain. So the ideal is light and soft tones for these centers.

On the contrary, bright tones would be worse. So to renovate hospitals or medical offices you need to know these points and others that experts in the area can offer.

Bkny painting is a skilled interior design company with a focus on painting. In this sense we know what falls best in each place. Of course a hospital is not left out. But we also offer:

  • Mount / remove wallpaper
  • Pressure wash.
  • Wall cladding
  • Mounting / repair of drywall...

Frame and removal of wallpaper in hospital.

Some areas of the hospital have a different style of walls. As is the case with clinics. Also children’s playrooms and offices…That’s why we offer both frame and wallpaper removal with the theme that suits the space.

We have cartoon wallpaper for the pediatrics area. Also we create murals with a message to the viewer for the area of psychology. In fact for any area.

Of course we work with wall coverings of other materials. Wood case that looks good in hospital chapels. In other words, we know what is best for each space.

Drywall in health centers .

Drywall is an ideal ornament to give a different look to spaces. On the one hand you can see them at reception. On the other hand in rooms or auditoriums. But also to divide a place. Like the case of departments. We also use it for repairs in damaged areas

In general we provide the service you need with the highest quality and the best price.

Pressure wash.

We cover cleaning in the areas:
  • Fronts
  • Windows
  • Parking lots
  • Hallways…
We work with high-end products to eliminate bacteria and leave everything clean with a pleasant smell. So for a process that takes little time we do the pressure washing. So you can rest easy and the place will be neat in less than you think.

Why choose us?.

Our experience and quality of work with low prices are a reason to choose us. But if you want to have more arguments here we go:

  • Project Portfolio
  • License
  • Reviews…
In any way, for any concern you can contact us and we will solve them.

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