Living room in New York
Living room in New York

The living room is a busy space in the home. Apart from the visits it is the meeting point for the residents of a house. Then it is the perfect place to talk, listen to music, watch TV and share snacks …

So it is important to have a good space to provide to old friends or guests who come by surprise. In general it has furniture such as:

  • Furniture
  • Central table with decorative objects
  • Tv
  • Shelves with books
  • Stereo…

You may need to touch up your living room but it is not enough for your budget. Don’t worry, with Bkny Painting you won’t have any problems. Actually changing any space is with simple steps. In other words, you don’t need big tasks to do it. So with just a few changes, the site will look 100% different.

We have a team of subject matter experts who can advise you at no extra charge. But it is good that you know some services:
  • Interior painting
  • Fake paint
  • Textures
  • Mount / remove wallpaper
  • Popcorn mount / roof removal.
  • Ceiling moldings and baseboards
  • Plaster repair
  • Coatings … In other words you have a list of options to choose the one you need

Interior painting of living room.

Maybe the change your living room needs is just with paint. Since the rest is fine. So we offer a trend color palette that will make you enjoy special moments with your loved ones. So we offer a trend color palette that will make you enjoy special moments with your loved ones.

Intense and light tones are ideal to give brightness and accent to the living room. Of course this union does not overwhelm. That is:
  • Dark gray
  • Deep blue / green / orange

Mount and remove wallpaper.

For lovers of wallpaper we have good news. On the one hand we set up wallpaper from scratch. On the other hand we replace the existing one. Either way we do a quick and simple job. We also have endless colors, textures and designs.

Why choose us?.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. So we offer multiple services. In effect we ensure that each job is satisfactory to the client. As in the case of our moldings, wood panels and skirting boards project show elegance. Also our tones give life to sad spaces.

We are here for any purpose of home remodeling. So if you are in New York and want a cool and unique place in style, look no further. It turns out that with us you receive a project as requested. In fact, our goal is to exceed expectations.

Prices don’t get better. Apart from giving the best service, we adjust the cost to the client’s budget. In other words, with little money you can achieve your goals.

Service areas.

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Bronxville
  • Tarrytown …

More services.

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