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Pastel colors
Pastel colors. Residential, commercial in New York

Pastel colors adapt any style in a great way. In other words, you can put any ornament, furniture or other finishes and there are no problems. In fact, they are ideal for interior spaces.

We can say that they were reborn after a paused time. Of course they did it with all their strength since you can see them on many surfaces. But there are some people who label them special or for women or for decoration. They don’t really know the virtues of this range of colors. As is the case with distilling quiet, ventilated places with more light.

On the other hand, pastel colors are ideal for relaxation. In other words, they reduce stress. So they are the first option for places in the house that need calm. In general the bedroom. Also if you have libraries. Of course the bathroom.

One point to keep in mind is when selecting the color for your walls. In other words, we advise you to choose a lighter shade than the one you decided to buy. This is because after brushing and drying, it tends to get darker.

Pastel colors more than two tones.

We usually limit pastel colors to cream or beige when the truth is different. For this reason there is a palette of this color scheme that you can enjoy to choose what you want. Either way we tell you that you can achieve great results with some techniques, here we tell you.

Having pastel colors and accenting the edges or vice versa highlights the place. On the other hand combining pastel colors with neutral colors complement each other well.

You can also combine between cream colors. Sure you should do it right. If you don’t know we can help you.

Do you need professional help?.

Bkny Painting has constantly trained and licensed painting experts to provide optimum service. Our experience in interior design allows us to deliver projects in short times and with superior quality.

We know the color palette like the palm of our hand. Thus we offer standard shades and our color creations. So ask for custom shades that we do for you. Indeed you will be surprised with the amount of pastel colors that we have.

Our prices are affordable. But they better fit your budget since we have custom options.

Of course, keep in mind that we use high-end work tools with products from the best brands.

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