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Power Washing New York
Power Washing New York

Power washing or any variation is a service that we extend to both residential and commercial owners.It is a high pressure sprayer that works with a machine device. This is to remove both loose paint, mold, mud, and dirt from the surfaces and structures of buildings and vehicles.

Investing in cleaning the pressure of your home or business in New York can greatly improve the appearance and health  of the occupants.

Commercial power washing of  windows.

New York commercial owners know that their getaways are a presentation of what they have to offer.

Both parking lots, sidewalks, the exterior of your building, windows, doors, trash pads and surrounding areas can become contaminated.

With poor quality of the outside air, strong winds, along with allergens, and bacteria accumulate moisture created by the waste of products. With all layers of sand, it is important to keep your business escape in perfect condition.

The power cleaning of Bkny Painting, your business window will shine, smell fresh and give your establishment an unmatched appeal.


In addition, homeowners in New York can benefit from the power washing of Our copmpany. Our experts can make sure that both dirt, mold, germs, along with contaminants and external allergens are no longer a problem. They can be removed from your home and we will help you get a clean surface.

We can clean under pressure from the exterior walls of your home; as well as windows, roofs, gutters, terraces, garage floors, entrances and sidewalks. The surfaces are left clean, disinfected to improve health and aesthetics.

Whether you are trying to increase your attractiveness, improve your own vision or your health. Our mechanical cleaning is suitable for your home!

The Bkny Painting team takes pride in the performance it brings in the power washing area. Our passion is customer satisfaction and with our work ethic, and any project we execute is of high quality.

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