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Stripping removing
Stripping Removing in New York

Once the time comes to replace the old wallpaper with a new style, wall coverings or just want to paint the wall in one step. The first thing you should do is remove the old wallpaper. With our stripping removing you can do it!.

If you leave the wallpaper or paint with bulges in place it can make the new surface look choppy, poorly textured, and much of the wallpaper printing could still leak. That is why removing the wallpaper is extremely important, otherwise having a low quality, wallpaper or painted cutting surface.

Bkny Painting understands the importance of this procedure, and with our meticulous nature, the wallpaper will be removed efficiently.

Stripping-removing commercial wallpaper.

If you are looking to modernize the image of your company, you can choose to re-wallpaper, install new wall coverings or even paint the building with avant-garde colors.

First you must make sure that your business hires some experts in the field in the area of ​​dispossession. It could be negligible smoothly and quickly, or it could be stubborn and difficult, and it could cause damage to the drywall behind it. That's why Our team offers you the best solutions to make the finish amazing.

Stripping-removing residential.

Residential houses that need a makeover can have a lot of service to strip-remove the paint from our experts.

The dull, desperate and outdated wallpaper needs an update from time to time. But before the new wallpaper, or paint, it is important that we remove the old wallpaper, without inflicting any damage to the surface of the drywall.

Wallpaper can be difficult to remove, even at first it looks like a click. Do it right the first time with us.


The stripping-removing service of BKNY PAINTING is ideal for both commercial businesses and residential homes.

Our stripping removal service is ideal for both commercial businesses and residential homes.

Some of the benefits include:

- Complete wallpaper removal: We never take shortcuts in our removal service. These kinds of jobs are not a problem for our professionals.

- Experience: There are a wide of types of paints on the market and some require specific techniques to eliminate them. The members of the our team are so trained in the different types of paint and how to remove them without problems. 

- Savings: hiring our painting services saves you time and money. In addition to the hassle of preparing, cleaning and spending many hours peeling and removing paint. Our team gives you everything you need.

Our extraordinary team of professionals executes all services in record time. We are insured, authorized, and certified to all the services we offer.

If in your home or business in the New York you need the hand of a professional to remove the old wallpaper.

Bkny Painting has it covered!

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Our staff can remove your old wallpaper; and place new wallpaper, wall coverings or paint to improve the overall aesthetics of your business or home.