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Warm colors
Warm colors. Residential, Commercial in New York

It is usual to select warm colors when buying wall paint. But you may not know them and it is vital that you do so for many reasons. First, it causes body temperature to rise. Also blood pressure. In short, it activates adrenaline.

So be careful to put these kinds of colors in the right place. But if you do not know the table to which they belong here we show them:
  • Reds
  • Yellow
  • Oranges…

Also those that are born from the mixture of these. Bkny painting handles these concepts for more than a decade and helps our clients to make the right choice. So keep reading and you will learn a little more about warm colors.

Key points for painting spaces with warm colors.

We prepare some tips that will help you locate the tones for your residence or business in the right place.

  • Given its active nature, do not put warm colors in rooms or bathrooms. Neither in dining rooms or anywhere that requires calm.
  • The picture of this type of tones causes a space to appear smaller than the actual size. Also dark places look lighter.
  • For people with a soft character, use cold colors.
  • It is good to combine cool with warm colors when there is a recharge of the warm ones.
  • The ideal for interior design are colors from this range. But the muffled ones look great.
  • In honor of its name they fit well in cold environments. As is the case with mustard. So if you are in a cold climate zone, they will give warmth to the place.

We hope this data is useful for you. But if you have any questions or want experts in interior design, we are here to serve you.

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