Plasterboard is a finishing material consisting of two layers of solid cardboard, inside which is a solid gypsum with fillers. The thickness depends on the method of application. Most commonly it is used for finishing, leveling walls and ceilings. It is environmentally friendly.
Installed, gypsum board, on special profiles. Profile is a metal construction, assembled from special profiles - long and light metal rulers. They also set the basis of the wall, that is, even walls. It is easy to putty, a thin layer. This is beneficial because it is cheap. A wallpaper glue on it is a pleasure.
People, in pursuit of even walls, began using dry plasters as the basis of the walls. Considering what this finishing material is made of, it is worth considering that it is not suitable for the base of the wall.
In America started using drywall for its good qualities long time ago. If you have children who sometimes can be naughty and inadvertently can hit the wall. Or random blow when rearranging furniture. Almost every damage can be replaced by our professionals. If under drywall there is no a strengthening you will not hang a big picture, or a rack for a TV, for example on it.
Calculate all that is necessary, communication, installation, for example: batteries, windows, ledges, fastenings to the main wall and so on.
Where it is better to apply drywall?
  • You can do plasterboard ceiling, and even need. You will have a perfectly flat ceiling without any difficulties.
  • And how difficult it is to resist the temptation to make a wall on several tiers. Different depths and other design tricks.
  • The play of light and shadow in several tiered ceilings is a beautiful embodiment of fantasy into reality. Excellent lighting, built into the plasterboard, will give the room not only light, but also more space.
  • There are ready-made solutions, designs that can be installed in any room, children's room, kitchen, etc.
With the help of NYC Paint Art your house will be new, fresh and will looks in the way you wish.
The modern trend suggests creating the design of the kitchen with a variety of stylistic solutions and original ideas, but they all converge to one thing - a modern kitchen should be, first and foremost, functional and comfortable.
The fast pace of our life influences the fact that we spend less time behind the stove, trying to cook simple quick dishes. As a consequence, modern kitchen renovation is designed with an emphasis on minimalism and cleanliness of the lines. Designers are increasingly inspired by nature, offering harmonious solutions with natural pacifying shades. The modern kitchen interior is also filled with environmentally friendly materials that emphasize simple shapes, creating a stylish and concise room.
Neutral shades, relevant now, will never go out of fashion. Classical style, high-tech, Scandinavian stylistics - these directions look advantageous due to a natural unobtrusive color scheme. The choice of neutral colors helps to realize a variety of ideas for kitchen design, where all the tones are seamlessly combined: gray, beige, brown and white.
The arrangement of furniture in the kitchen can be different:
  • Linear suitable for a small room. With this layout, furniture and household appliances are placed along one wall
  • In a spacious kitchen you can place the headset in two rows
  • L-shaped layout will be appropriate in any kitchen. This ergonomic option provides convenience in using the refrigerator, cooker and sink (triangle rule)
  • for a large kitchen, a reasonable solution is also a U-shaped layout. It involves placing the headset along three adjacent walls, and in the center - a dining table. But even if the area of ​​the room allows you to accommodate a large number of lockers and shelves, this layout is suitable only for a large family
  • An island in the kitchen - a spectacular and stylish option that requires sufficient space. With such planning it is worth remembering that the distance between the island and the rest of the furniture should be at least one meter on each side
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Like any other construction and repair company, you should start with the project and estimate. We have to pretend what exactly we want to see in a renovated bathroom. Make a detailed list of the necessary:
  • furniture
  • plumbing
  • household appliances
Then you should estimate the placement of all the above, taking into account access to communications. For example, it is not always possible to put a sewage into the place where you would like to install a washing machine or shower cabin with the required bias of 2% (2 cm per 1 meter of length). Therefore, take into account in advance such a moment, so as not to suffer further with constant clogging of the sewage system.
Do at once expensive repairs from good, proven materials. Repairs from such materials will cost 1.5 times more expensive, but will last 5 times longer!
It is more profitable to spend and forget once than to constantly buy and process something. The apartment with good repair will remain an apartment with good repair after 5, 10, 15 years. And if you only make "cosmetic" repairs, in a few years the overall condition of the premises will require new investments for the same amount.
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