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Commercial painting in New York

Peeling or discolored walls, environmental conditions caused visible damage to the surfaces of your structure? Do you want to rent or sell your office or business with added value without building? You simply want to give a new face to your workplace, then we recommend commercial painting services.
In addition to aesthetics, painting any walkable space will take care of your overall health. Because it will prevent the formation of fungi, molds or batteries that contaminate the place. And with the correct application of quality paints you will have walls that look like freshly painted for many years.

Benefits of commercial paint

  • One of the main advantages of commercial paint is the image it projects. That is, the right color will not only be attractive but also respectable and reliable;
  • Productivity; which will increase significantly due to a fresh, neat and tidy space. In this way, it will promote worker's pleasure, allowing them to work in a pleasant and lively way.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation; ability to eliminate annoying noises and also maintain pleasant temperatures. In this way, there will be more concentration and savings of cold or heat energy.
  • Neutralizer; of odors and bacteria that may appear, this guarantees a healthy environment. 
  • Protection; quality and well-applied paints will protect the surfaces from weather changes, sun, rain, wind. In addition, it also protects metallic surfaces from possible oxidation.

Types of paint most commonly used in offices, businesses or industries

We leave you only with the most common paints in businesses, companies or offices:
  • Acrylic paint; easy to apply, resistant, durable, in other words it is ideal in commercial or industrial areas.
  • Latex; Fast drying, mild odor, also easy to apply;
  • Anti-graffiti paint; You can clean it easily. In fact, material of manufacture makes it a special product for busy places.
  • Epoxy paint; one of the most complete in the industry due to its many advantages. Among them the protective layer that forms on the surfaces against humidity, oxidation and any chemical. It is also resistant over time and gives a shiny appearance. You can even apply it on wood, metal, concrete, among others.

Commercial Painting Services in New York

Looking to refresh your corporate image, increase your revenue or protect your work area with excellent paints. Then Bkny Painting offers you the solution to your commercial painting needs. To achieve this, we have a professional team of surface painting professionals along with the most prominent interior designers in the city. 

We work on projects of any size, small, medium, large, we really have no limit. Now, if you are worried about being left incomplete, being charged extra or late deliveries, don't worry. Indeed, we are a New York Department of Consumer Protection legal company. Therefore, enjoy a 100% reliable work.

On the other hand, we are allies of recognized commercial brands that allow us to deliver quality works as you require. In short, we use innovative work tools that will allow us to speed up the work and finish in optimal time.

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Service areas

  • Manhattan;
  • Brooklyn;
  • Staten island;
  • Nassau county;
  • Suffolk county;
  • Queens;
  • Bronx.

See some of our projects here and if you are interested in any of them you can contact us and consult us without obligation. In fact you can ask for a free quote.


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