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Decorative Finishes in Brooklyn
Decorative Finishes

Perhaps you dream of making a difference in the look of your residential or commercial space in a short period of time. In other words, you want to personalize your space according to your needs. On the other hand, are you looking to give warmth, privacy and aesthetics to a place in mind? then decorative finishes are ideal for these purposes.

We refer to coatings for walls and ceilings whose application can transform a place in both Renaissance and modern. Indeed these coatings come from a special imitation material, for example from a stone such as marble. 

So just imagine what can become your room or place in a short time and with a really economic price. On top of that, in a very short time, you will have a dream space.

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These coatings apply to both interiors and exteriors. In the same way in new construction or for remodeling walls or ceilings respectively. We also mention that for new surfaces, the application is with cement base. But for the others, the common thing is to use resin base.

Now, the common tools to apply the material are a kind of wooden or metal plate and a spatula. There are also some professional objects that experts in the field use to obtain fascinating results.


Looking at a wall or ceiling with textured finishes implies that the main benefit is the aesthetics it brings. In fact it is important but it is not the first one. In reality the reasons that manage to captivate the customer are among others:

  • Great resistance
  • Durability
  • Ease of washing
  • Affordable price
  • Warm, solid or acoustic spaces...

Application of decorative finishes

To crystallize your desires about the space you appreciate so much, you only need the right people and the right tools. Although in short it is a simple process, it is advisable to have a specialist to listen to your proposals and bring them to reality. In addition to knowledge, he/she applies exact methods to achieve the proposed objectives.

This and more characteristics are gathered by the people of Bkny Interiors, who have a great trajectory in the world of space renovation. On the one hand we have a good portfolio of interior and exterior painting projects. On the other we cover remodeling and restoration. So decorative finishes have a place in our activities.

We have excellent prices in all our services, providing the best quality to keep our customers satisfied. Also our team is formed by experts in various areas that know how to reach the customer's needs.

Regarding this service you can count on architects and designers who work together to deliver true works of art.

We adapt our projects to the client's requirements. So the price is not a problem. We always know how to reach an agreement based on your budget. Of course without losing quality.

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