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Residential Painting in New York

You want to enlarge your living room without doing any construction, some walls in your bathroom or kitchen show wear and tear or cracks.... You even want to give an elegant, fresh and harmonious touch to your bedroom or any other area of your home? You simply haven't changed the colors of your walls for a long time and you want to do it?..or you want to do it. Well, an easy, safe and comfortable solution is to request residential painting services.
And a coat of paint will not only give a better look to the place but will solve some problems such as:
  • Humidity;
  • Fungus;
  • Bacteria;
  • Cracks;
  • Stains.

Benefits of residential paint

In addition to what we have mentioned, residential painting:

  • Improves the appearance of the house, giving it a renewed, clean and like-new environment;
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation, which reduces energy costs for both cooling and heating. On the other hand, it reduces noise which promotes tranquility and harmony. 
  • It protects the walls from fungi, bacteria and the formation of bubbles. In addition to the elimination of bad odors;
  • Revaluation of the property; A well painted space looks like newly built and attracts the human eye. Therefore, it increases the value of the property automatically.
  • Reduces stress; we usually paint with the color of our preference which brings us pleasure and well being and good vibes. Overall there is better living.

Residential Painting Professionals in New York

You can keep your residence clean, attractive, bright and with the same color for years or change the style 100%. That is to say, give one or more different tones that will transform the place captivating more than one. To achieve this, Bkny painting is a specialist.

We have an outstanding team of professional surface painters who will create authentic works of art in your space. Also, interior designers who are there to innovate with their unlimited creativity when planning each project.

Don't worry about incomplete jobs, extra charges or late deliveries with us because we have our legal base in order. That is, we are registered with the Consumer Protection Institute of New York. So you just tell us your ideas, we will take care of carrying them out to the letter in the agreed time.

But if you don't decide, don't worry, our experts will give you the best advice that will exceed your expectations. 

However, an impeccable job is also the result of having good working tools and excellent material. For this reason, we partner with the most outstanding commercial brands in the country and we only acquire the latest generation tools. 

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Areas of Service

  • Manhattan;
  • Brooklyn;
  • Staten island;
  • Nassau county;
  • Suffolk county;
  • Queens;
  • Bronx.

Contact us, clarify any doubts and ask for your free estimate with the best prices in town. 


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