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Striped Wall Painting Service
Striped Wall Painting Service

Maybe your bedroom, apartment or office is small and you feel the need to enlarge it. because you are not comfortable. On the other hand you are a person who suffers from anxiety, nervousness or stress more than anything in difficult times. Well, we tell you that the striped wall painting is the perfect solution to this problem. stripes is the perfect solution to this problem.

Believe it or not, stripes bring benefits that many people don't know about and it is worth highlighting. In this way we help people to make the best decision when renovating spaces.

If we ask a conglomerate of people what they would do to enlarge or build spaces, 90% of them lean towards construction. In fact, it is a logical answer because at first glance, it is the solution they know. is the solution they know.

What they don't know is that there are tricks and methods to achieve the same effect with something as simple as paint. the same effect with something as simple as paint. In fact, there are works of art that create a visual effect in their paintings a kind of realism that deceives the human eye.

Well, with the paint for walls something similar happens and designers and painters and professional designers and painters know how to capture. Read on and you will gradually understand what we are referring to. what we are referring to.

Learn more about striped wall painting.

Since ancient times, stripes on the walls are synonymous with elegance, classic style and comfort in the rooms. But besides that, they have a visual and psychological effect on the viewer. 

The best thing is that depending on the type of stripe, it will project a different feeling. For example, vertical stripes are ideal for small spaces and low ceilings. As if by magic, the spaces will look wider and the ceilings will look higher. They also create depth.

So the homeowner or person in the room will not feel overwhelmed. On the contrary, he will be totally comfortable.

On the other hand, horizontal stripes have the opposite effect. That is, they are ideal for large spaces since they shorten the distance of the same. In this case if your room is very large and you have few accessories with this type of stripes the space will look cozy.

So think carefully when you want to expand or reduce spaces and choose the solution that best suits your needs. that best suits your needs.

Advantages of stripes on walls.

You already know the most important benefits that stripes bring to interior decoration. But let's see some others that complement the previous ones:

It conveys order. This is because of the relationship they have with geometric shapes and their paired form. Thus it brings the viewer tranquility, calm and harmony.

You can place a surface with stripes and in the rest of the walls other tones without projecting overload.

They easily enliven any place.

Although it has gone through several generations, it is a very current style.

Start painting striped walls.

Many people take it as a do-it-yourself activity. Maybe it works or not. But when in doubt, it is advisable to entrust it to a painting expert. Just like a painter of works of art.

Indeed, a specialist knows exactly what your space needs. For example, the thickness of the stripes, as this affects the result. In addition, he will also indicate you the tones that are relevant at the time of the renovation.

But so that there are no problems in the future, the ideal thing to do is to research about licensed, insured and certified contractors. contractors who are licensed, insured and certified. Such is the case of Bkny Interiors, a company with a 10-year with a track record of more than 10 years in interior design in Brooklyn, New York.

We have a large portfolio of projects and satisfied clients with our services because we exceed expectations. because we exceed expectations. In fact, to achieve this, we only use the best quality tools and the the best quality tools and the most recognized brands in the industry. 

This way we offer a superior level of service in short response times. Although we do not finish our work until the owners are 100% satisfied and give us the green light.

On the other hand, we only send personnel trained in the service you request because before we make sure that they meet the requirements to carry out the activity in a totally correct way.

Our prices are affordable to all public without detracting from the quality of the result. So we can put together a free quote adjusted to what you require. 

So don't worry about the rates because there is something for everyone.

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