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Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Floors

Maybe you are a person who likes to walk around the house barefoot at any time or day of the year. On the other hand you may suffer from allergies constantly due to dust or other agents. On the other hand you are planning to create a gym, spa, showroom with the best design? Well nothing better for the above cases than using hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors besides aesthetics, provide better health conditions to those who live in the place of installation. They also give warmth to the spaces that warm well in all seasons of the year.

As if that were not enough, these floors have some advantages over others, such as the ease with which you can take textures, colors and designs designs easily and quickly. 

The United States and in particular the city of New York uses wood floors in its spaces. In fact, accurate studies have shown that New Yorkers prefer hardwood floors in their spaces than other materials. But let's see a little more about this.

Why are hardwood floors preferred in the USA?

One of the main reasons is its great accessibility since hundreds of species are produced in the United States. So the inhabitants of the country have a number of options with different prices, hardnesses and finishes to install in your home or commercial space.

We strongly assert that of the many types of wood, oak is the most popular. The price is affordable and it has a great resistance that fits in places with a lot of traffic without having problems.

It has a good design and the best thing is its ease to clean, restore or renovate in future times. On the other hand it has great durability and fits perfectly with any residential or commercial design.

Without a doubt, another highly recommended wood is ash, which is not very different from oak. In fact, it is an alternative to oak. So if you are looking for a type of flooring that requires high traffic, light colors and more economical than oak, this option is for you.

Other popular types

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Pine
  • Birch...

Some are less resistant than others that fit perfectly in bedrooms or places with little traffic but look amazing in spaces.

Advantages of Hardwood floors

In the opening paragraph of this article we mentioned the advantages of purchasing wood floors. So here we just complement a bit of these benefits that will certainly make you think when selecting the flooring for your space.

Whether or not your space has this type of flooring, it is good to know that at any time you want you can give the style you like. That is colors, patterns and textures in mind. 

The versatility that exists with respect to this work allows hardwood floors to look personalized in a short time and with ease. Of course, this can be done by experts in the field.

A spa, dance or meditation room usually uses hardwood floors because they provide warmth and allow for fluid concentration. The same is true for indoor courts.

Say goodbye to dust, hair or allergens that accumulate on conventional floors. With wood floors this does not happen.

Ease of cleaning compared to others.

In winter time it provides warmth. But in hot weather it helps to keep the place cool. It's like working with a smart system.

Well... you have several reasons to stick with hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Experts

When the floor falls into disrepair, it is common for many homeowners to hire services to replace it. Indeed, there are people who decide to do it without further ado. But few others take the time to perform a clear analysis to determine whether it is necessary or not.

It is vital that at the moment of hiring services of any kind you know part of the trajectory of the company. That is, valid testimonials or qualifications from clients, insurance, certification and permits. Of course a portfolio of work that proves the quality and experience in the work.

This way you will be confident that the company is serious and that you will not have any problems or complaints about the results. Such is the case of Bkny Interiors, with a long trajectory full of constant dedication to meet the requirements for more than 10 years.

We recognize that it has not been easy but we have always successfully fulfilled the needs of our clients. Although our beginning was only with interior and exterior painting projects in Brooklyn, through time, little by little we grew and today we are more than painting professionals.

Therefore, today we focus on interior design and everything that applies to it. Among them, hardwood floors. Not only installation, but also:

  • Repair
  • Renovation
  • Restoration
  • Cleaning 
  • Bleaching...

We have experts in the area that will make a preliminary study of the area both in existing hardwood floors and new installations. Afterwards we will issue a solution according to what has been analyzed and what you require.

One of the common mistakes, is the hiring of inexperienced people who do the work and stay half way. Others finish them but the consequences appear soon after. So the client loses time and money and has to turn to another company.

Our serious, qualified and certified team will make a good diagnosis to perform the right activity. We will also provide you with an accurate estimate of the problem. Don't waste more money, trust the professionals.

We terminate a project when the client says so. That is to say that he is completely satisfied. We have a friendly treatment and we are willing to listen to the client's needs. That is to say, we adapt to the client's needs and pocket. In fact we work on small, medium and large projects.

Areas of Service

  • Brooklyn 
  • Manhattan
  • Longisland
  • New Jersey.

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