How to repair a brick wall without replacing the part.


How to repair a brick wall without replacing the part.

Hi there, welcome to the blog Bkny Painting, on this occasion you will learn the method to repair a brick wall. Although, usually there is part replacement, here you will do it without moving any part. So, read on and get to know the material we have prepared.

Tools I need to repair a brick wall

  • Spatula;
  • Container;
  • Piece of wood;
  • Hose or a spray bottle;
  • Cement;
  • Powdered wallboard;
  • Sealer;

Prepare the brick wall

Well, check to see if you have pieces of the piece that are easy to remove leaving only the larger piece. Then, clean the wall and remove any dirt or dust that may remain. 

If you don't have it, prepare the mixture of cement and water to cover the affected area on the deteriorated or broken brick.

Keep a container with sealant and another with powdered partition ready.

Process for repairing a brick wall

Apply water with the hose or spray bottle to the area to be repaired especially to the damaged piece. This is important because the bricks are very dry due to the factory material.

Take with the spatula a little of the concrete mixture and spread it on the affected brick. This process is gradual and little by little. Then you wait for it to dry a little bit and then you pass another layer and so on until the affected space is covered.  

Then with the piece of wood you remove the excess of the mixture on the wall. In this way it will be correct and at the same level. 

You will notice that the brick is sound. However, it does not look very aesthetic because you can see a kind of gray patch on the surface. So, nothing better than to make a kind of red paste by mixing powdered brick and sealer.

Once the wall with the concrete is dry, apply the paste evenly until the concrete part is covered. Then you will see a noticeable difference in the aesthetics of the surface. In fact, when it dries completely, no one will notice. 

This is a simple, inexpensive and quick way to repair a brick wall without replacements. So if this event happens to you we encourage you to put into practice what we explain here and become an expert.

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