Technology of painting the facade of the timber house

House exterior paintingGood preparation for the process is an integral part of it, a guarantee of success and a guarantee of quality. Prepare first tools and materials to avoid distraction, because it is extremely inconvenient, constantly wash your hands, brushes and clothes. You will need:
  • cushion on long handle
  • Medium-sized brush and a small brush
  • grinder with fine-grained abrasive
  • antiseptic primer
  • paint
  • lacquer
  • brush
First, the walls are cleaned of dust and dirt, polished, and brushed with grinding products.
The second step is a primer. It is applied in two layers, carefully impregnating cracks, bends, depressions, knots. The second layer should be applied after the complete drying of the first, about an hour, one and a half.
Then the walls are painted in several layers. The drying time of each paint is different, all subsequent layers are applied after the final fixation of the coating. The finishing layers are varnish, it is also applied in 2-3 layers.

House exterior paintingThe application of the LMC with a brush should be carried out by horizontal smooth smears or by a spray. The application of the product with a spray gun is also carried out in layers.
The colors can be matte and glossy. Brilliant surfaces are not to everyone's liking, besides, all cracks, knots, and other flaws appear on them. Matte surfaces are skewish, but this defect is easily eliminated by properly selected tones or their harmonious combination. There are also semi-matt and semi-glossy paint compositions.
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