Trendy Exterior House Paint Combinations

Trendy Exterior House Paint Combinations

If you plan to refreshed exterior paint colors for your house or choose a color palette for a brand new home, one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make is the color scheme. Exterior paint color combinations typically consist of three colors—a dominant color for the siding, and colors for the trim and accent. The right exterior colors impact the overall appearance of your home maximize its curb appeal. However, color selection represents a challenge because of the many variety of shades and hues on the market. UMNOFF INCORPORATED has seen some color combinations come and go, while other colors remain popular no matter the current flavors of the day. This short guide looks at some color palettes that are currently trending.

What Colors Should I Paint My House?

Determine whether you prefer warm, cool or neutral exterior paint colors for your house. As you research exterior paint combinations, keep in mind the visual impact that your chosen colors will have on your home. For example, dark exterior colors can make a home appear smaller. In contrast, painting the exterior of a large home on a small lot in lighter colors, makes the structure seem more proportional to the lot size.

Some of the more interesting color combinations that you may want to consider include:

  • White/Aquamarine/Tangerine -- Among the exterior color schemes trending this year, white siding, aquamarine paint for framing trim and shutters. Accent the front door with Tangerine to create an attention-getting effect. This color scheme, or similar color combinations, works well for colonial architectural styles.

  • Stormy Gray/Paprika Red/Bright White -- Available in a wide range of hues, gray has always been a color that exudes a chic sophisticated look on the exterior. Use stormy gray as the dominant color for the siding. Paint eaves, window frames, porch trim, and accent the front door, with Paprika Red. Apply Bright White paint to window sashes to make your home a real showstopper.

  • Buttercream Yellow/White/Black -- Yellow creates an enthusiast happy vibe when selected as the dominant color in a palette. Yellows with a red undertone delivers a classic look on the exterior. Buttercream Yellow walls combined with a pristine Bright White trims and accents. Set off these colors with a black-shingled roof makes your homes irresistible and will jettison its curb appeal into the stratosphere.

These are just a few of the more popular exterior color combinations. Consult your painting professional to find the right color scheme for your home.

Tips for Exterior Paint Colors Selection

You can use paint colors to highlight specific architectural attribute For example, if you have a black roof, you may want to consider cool shades for your exterior color palette. If you have brown shingles, warmer colors tend to work best. Some other factors that you should note include:

  • Neighbors’ exterior paint schemes – Make sure that the color scheme you choose matches the same level of intensity as surrounding homes.
  • Local trends– Extend your color selection research to investigate regional and historical color schemes. Also, look into whether your Home Owner's Association has any rules governing your options.

To add more impact to your dominant exterior color, chose darker or lighter color variations to accent building components like eaves, shutters and window frames.

Professional Expertise

Regardless of the final choice of colors for your home, exterior painting is a big project that requires careful consideration and preparation. UMNOFF INCORPORATED specializes in interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you need a second opinion on paint color combinations or prefer to put the entire project in the hands of an expert, we are here to help. Schedule your free estimate and consultation directly on our calendar by choosing the date and time that is convenient for you!


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