Exterior Painting Services
Exterior Painting Services

Problems such as stains or mildew on exterior surfaces caused by moisture. Siding that shows deterioration or extreme heat on facades are symptoms that indicate the need for exterior painting services.

We usually renovate the exterior walls of the house or commercial building for aesthetic reasons. But that is not the only reason to do it, since time and weather conditions are a determining factor to initiate the damage in the surfaces.

5 years is the approximate estimate of resistance of exterior painting services. However it can be shorter or longer. This will depend on the quality of work and paint applied.

But apart from this, exterior painting is a quick and easy way to add value to a property. This is ideal for owners who for one reason or another decide to sell the structure. In fact the ROI return is impressive with painting alone.

A little more about exterior painting.

Thanks to technology there is a full range of colors that will enhance any furnishings. You can find both the basics of the color palette and the originals created by paint stores. But also the ones you have in mind, there are no obstacles for that. So you will have a custom color in your property that stands out from the rest.

Likewise, paint stores offer a variety of premium quality brands or some of lesser quality at a lower price. Of course, this does not mean that they are bad, although some of them are.

There is no shortage of special paints for exterior surface treatments. In fact, for a paint to have the exterior seal, it must comply with some requirements that are normally demanded by the standards. Otherwise it would not be suitable for exteriors.

For example:

  • Anti mildew or humidity
  • UV rays protection
  • Easy adhesion...

Now then, the paints for exteriors in addition to smooth walls, are also valid to apply in:

  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl...


  • Ability to protect surfaces for a long time and avoid major problems.
  • Consequently, they avoid higher expenses in repairs.
  • A refreshment to the building making it look impeccable, like new.
  • Increases the value of the house exponentially. 

Experts in exterior painting.

Once you decide to go to exterior painting services, the first thing you should do is to verify the prestige of the company. In fact, there are several ways to do this. But focus on aspects such as: 

  • Portfolio of work
  • Certified customer reviews
  • Rating system
  • License
  • Permits
  • For sure...

With these approved items together with a recognized trajectory and a friendly treatment, you can be sure that you will have excellent results in the project you need for your space.

The above shows us that companies that meet these characteristics have extensive knowledge on the subject. They know exactly what to do and how to do it. Likewise, they know how to apply one or another solution to any problem.

So for this service and other painting and interior design services you can count on Bkny Interiors. It is a company with a history of more than 10 years working at full speed to deliver superior work to the people of New York.

We have a great team that we call family with enough expertise to fulfill the interior design dreams required by the client. You can also rest assured that we have all the legal requirements in order to carry out our activities and guarantee the quality of the results.

We do not only limit ourselves to an excellent job, but we also have attention to detail and a pleasant relationship with our clients. In fact, communication is our channel to reach the best agreements.

Our tools are innovative and of the best brands of products to carry out an effective project but in precise response times. We have different paints suitable for every need, for example mold, humidity or lime. 

Likewise our prices are tailored to your needs. Just tell us your needs and we will make the corresponding visit to the place, based on what you require and adjusted to your economy we will give you a free and fair estimate without additional costs. 

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Don't wait any longer. Quality and good service to your needs...


Bathroom Remodeling Service
Bathroom Remodeling Service

Perhaps you have an elderly or young family member at home with a disability who is having a hard time have a hard time grooming themselves. On the other hand you're dealing with moisture in your bathroom. Or it's your apartment's bathroom is small and uncomfortable. For these and other eventualities the most advisable is a bathroom remodeling.

Personal or public use is an area that in addition to being clean should be in pleasant conditions, synonymous of healthiness. conditions synonymous with sanitation. Otherwise, at the very least, it would be a container of bacteria and other bacteria and other agents that cause diseases.

In some occasions a good cleaning gives a significant change, it provides an aesthetic, perfect and functional look. aesthetic, perfect and functional look. But sometimes the years are unforgiving and it is important to renew some or all of the components. renovation of some or all of the components is important.

Modernity does not wait and every time there are tools that make things easier. For for example handrails or bathtub and shower systems with seats designed especially for people with disabilities. people with disabilities. This is really admirable and quite useful.

We know that New York City has many inhabitants and the spaces are small. So it is normal to see small bathrooms. But with a good design everything will go correctly without problems. 

There are many reasons that give rise to renovate this type of spaces and that you will know throughout the text. throughout the text.

A little more about bathroom remodeling.

It is true that a good maintenance to anything guarantees long life. But it is also true is that everything evolves and that what was functional before, is not so functional now. For Therefore, many opt for renovation. In fact, because the new components of a bathroom components guarantee an optimized operation of the bathroom.

For example, nowadays there are several types of bathroom flooring materials that did not exist on the market before. In addition to aesthetics, they are created to withstand various factors such as moisture, weight, transit. Best of all, they are economical.

So, with an elegant look and look of wood you can have laminate flooring. In addition you can be sure that you will not have problems with water accumulation because they are designed to resist moisture.

There are automatic toilets. That is, they clean, close and open the lid by themselves thanks to the sensors they have. Generally you can find them at different prices in stores. stores.

There are also toilets in different sizes and features for a variety of tastes. For for example, there are double sinks that not only give a spacious look, but also make bathroom routines faster when there is more than one person. in the bathroom when there is more than one person. 

There are other floating sinks that, although they may seem only aesthetics, have the purpose of increasing space in the place. Undoubtedly, they fit very well in the city.

Advantages of bathroom remodeling.

Up to this point we have discussed some features of modern and functional products for bathrooms. functional products for bathrooms. Indirectly you can notice that it projects some benefits of performing the renovation of the place. But let's expand a little more on the reasons to renovate this important area of the home:

* Functionality.

* Streamlining routines in shared bathrooms.

* Elegance and durability at a lower cost.

* Health and wellness. Modern steam and sauna systems in showers promote relaxation, better circulation and cleaner showers. relaxation, improved circulation and cleansing of the nasal passages.

* Comfort

Bathroom Remodeling Experts.

There are countless bathroom remodeling and decorating companies in New York City. You may be planning to remodel your bathroom and don't know which one to choose. For this you should keep in mind some key points that we will mention below.

Look for companies that are physically and virtually recognized. That is to say that they have real and certified testimonials about the quality of work they offer. It is also important that the company has a license, insurance and permits for their work.

This way, you will be sure that you will have a responsible and quality service. At least you will not you won't waste money or time since it is common that this type of companies present you with a sample of the final result. sample of what would be the final result of the work. 

Of all the companies that offer these services, there are few that meet the quality standards. quality standards. Such is the case of Bkny Interiors with more than 10 years of service to the New Yorkers to carry out fascinating interior design projects.

With extreme attention to detail we have great consultants to guide you in response to your needs. your needs. In fact, the result of our work is your complete satisfaction. our goal is to fulfill your remodeling dreams.

We have trained and expert personnel in every area of services we offer. In fact, the team we send to your area is because they have passed our quality standards after the respective rigorous tests.

They also offer friendly and pleasant attention with the purpose of creating the perfect duo between aesthetics and functionality. We also have the latest generation tools to carry out a superior project from start to finish.

The best part is that you will be there as a front row witness to give your observations. Since we adapt to what you are looking for your home. To top it all off, we use only quality brands to do a neat job in less time.

We have a portfolio of works that you can observe before making a free estimate and adapted to your budget. and adapted to your budget. All of them have the client's approval because they were 100% satisfied with what we did.

You can customize your project to your style, to your taste. We will take care of carrying out those great ideas you have in mind. Also our prices are affordable since we do not have a standard project size. It can be simple, medium or complex. But we know exactly every aspect of the design and we make a price-quality balance.

You can have with us premium bathrooms with all the most modern accessories of the market for a fascinating result market for a fascinating result that will leave you with your mouth open. But we also make small modifications, which will improve the functionality of the space.

Floors, countertops, cabinets, showers, toilets of various types, sizes and colors are waiting for you. are waiting for you. Contact us and ask for your free estimate with the best prices.

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Kitchen Remodeling Service
Kitchen Remodeling Service

There are residences that over time go from being composed of one family nucleus to several. So they share spaces, objects and activities. The most common thing is the beginning of remodeling in the habitat to coexist better.  One of the main ones is the kitchen remodeling.

It is almost vital to carry out the renovation in this area because it is no longer a single family but several, and usually they will have and usually they will have moments of activities, celebrations or commemorations that require the presence of that require their presence in this busy place. Therefore, the comfort is a determining factor.

But there are also other reasons to remodel the kitchen. For example for deterioration of the place. Let us remember that it is one of the most visited areas of the house where it is common grease, smoke, gases... 

Although we keep the place clean, the time factor is inevitable and as everything in life falls little by little in wear or deterioration. Then it is at that moment where a change is necessary.

If the point is a change in the furniture for practicality in your daily activities is worth remodeling your kitchen. No doubt you will work much better and faster. But don't get caught up in thinking about big projects. There are renovations that range from simple to complex activities.

A little more about kitchen remodeling.

Remodeling services for any area range from the smallest to the most complex of changes. to the most complex of changes. In reference to the kitchen, it can range from a simple change of tone in the walls to the installation of to the installation of modern marble countertops for example.

But everything must follow an order through a correct planning even when the work is simple. 

work is simple. That is to say to follow as in an algorithm the activities to be carried out for the change as part of an the change as part of an overall component. This is to obtain a fully functional result. fully functional result.

For this reason, a review of the future use of the structure must be made in the planning, 

taking into account factors such as:

  • Whether the remodeling is partial or integral
  • Quality of the material
  • Maintenance investments
  • Time of standing activity
  • Traffic in the area...'.

Now, all of the above encompasses the points or activities that participate in the process of 

of kitchen remodeling. For example, we have the Flooring. In the market there are several 

materials for them:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Tiles
  • Laminates...

The choice of one or the other depends on several factors. An important one is the resistance to spills, traffic 

traffic or the look you want to give to the space. Of course, prices vary depending on the 

depending on the quality of the same.

On the other hand, there are the cabinets.Indeed, these furnishings bring style, modernity and functionality. But also the installation depends on some factors, among which we highlight the distribution of elements such as:

  • Sockets
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove...

From there the installation will be totally functional and aesthetic.

Many people decide to invest in lighting.In fact they bring a game of elegance and modernity to the place. On the one hand you can have illuminated cabinets that will work properly in the evening hours for any preparation.

On the other hand also on the edges of the countertops.  Undoubtedly an innovative style.

You can not miss the countertops, important element that gives the personalized touch to the kitchen. You can choose from several materials that will depend on your pocket and the quality you require:

  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Quartz
  • Stainless steel 
  • Glass... Being this last one of superior level.

Kitchen remodeling experts.

You should always keep in mind that the contractor you choose should be more than a tradesman limited to selling the product. Instead, he or she should be a guide to help you through the entire process from planning to delivery of the product. Even if you have knowledge on the subject.

You also need to know a little about the company. For example reputation, license, insurance and testimonials from real people. Then check the cordial treatment and attention to detail, that says a lot about the human quality of the company.

So if it meets these qualities you can rest assured that the company is reliable. In fact, they usually offer a free estimate, willing to listen and attend to your requirements. requirements.

Bkny Interiors is a company that for over 10 years has been working flat out to bring New Yorkers interior design work that meets their needs. Even our goal is always to exceed expectations.

So we can truthfully say that our excellent reputation did not come on its own. On the contrary, it is the result of dedicated work, attention to detail and friendly service to make you feel like family.

We offer a variety of services related to interior design ranging from painting, renovations and construction. Of course our menu of options includes kitchen remodeling.

We love our work and are thrilled every time our clients are happy to realize their dreams. their dreams come true. For this we have a team of specialists in every area of area of service that will be with you until the end of the project. 

We listen to your proposals and help you create interesting, innovative and flawless projects. impeccable projects. Of course, always based on your needs. We provide you with a wide range of advice on what is most appropriate for this important space in the home.

With our services you will notice a before and an after that will positively mark the way of renovation works. Now your kitchen will be more than a space to prepare food or eat. eating. 

We have special prices to fit your pocket. We are also available to do simple, medium or complex jobs. You are in control. We also have with high quality tools to carry out the project in optimum time with extreme quality and the best durability.

Trademarks are also part of our work team. So with us you will see the use of the best. On the other hand, we work following an orderly method. In this way the whole project will come together perfectly.                           

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Interior Painting Service
Interior Painting Service

There are times when your residential or commercial space is 100% equipped. However, you feel that something is missing but you can't find it. On the other hand, you are thinking of selling a property and you want it to look like new? Although there are several renovation options, the most economical and effective is undoubtedly an interior painting service.

In fact, a touch of paint with the right tones can transform places without so much investment and in a short time. In other words, without so much effort and expense it enhances any place in an incredible way.

As we mentioned, it is just a matter of being creative and applying the right tone on the right surface. In this sense the value of the property increases greatly. This comes in handy when you plan to rent or sell the space. 

A little more about interior painting.

It is not a matter of applying colors to the walls and that's it. This requires other activities in order to achieve a neat and renewed space. Among them choose to perform a study to the surfaces, and then make the necessary repairs.

But in detail we can mention the following:

  • Inspect the place and verify the state of the walls.
  • Protect furniture, floors and other surfaces by covering them with special material.
  • If it is necessary to start repairs on the walls with cracks or holes.
  • Apply a quality sealer to the surfaces.
  • Sand and leave the wall with a smooth texture.
  • Decide on the most suitable color or set of shades for the application.
  • Clean the paint site or work area.

There are many brands of different colors and at good prices to do a great paint job in your interior. There are many brands of different colors and at good prices to do a great job of painting the interior of your home or business. There is also the advantage that There is also the advantage of creating new colors by mixing others. But this is usually done by paint stores or contractors. paint stores or contractors.

In terms of texture types there are several:

Some better than others. Of course the price varies according to the quality of each one of them. The same goes for durability. For example the last one on this list is durable but worth the investment.

Advantages of interior painting

  • One of the advantages at a commercial level is the revaluation of the property. So if you plan to sell, with a great paint job you can acquire more income.
  • On a personal level, you renew your space, at the same time you can give a sensation of amplitude or reduction of the place according to your needs. This is thanks to the fact that colors can provide optical illusions in the viewer.
  • Soft tones bring tranquility. So you can turn your bedroom or bathroom into an intimate space in total calm.
  • Interior paint can protect the surface of the walls and hide some defects.

Interior painting experts

Painting is an activity that normally applies to do-it-yourselfers. However, there are skills and methods used only by experts whose results make all the difference. In fact it is a work of art because it means more than putting a color with a brush or roller on a wall.

There, the professional contractor brings experience, attention to detail and creativity to achieve the proposed objective. In reality a true artist seeks to exceed the expectations of the viewer.

So if you want to realize your interior design dreams in your residence, nothing better than an expert in the field. But not just any company, but the one with a license, permits and insurance. This way you will not be afraid of a possible disaster in the project. 

These requirements and more are met by Bkny Interiors, a company that for more than 10 years has conquered the preference of New Yorkers. Not only for its experience but also for the quality of the work it offers. In fact, the level of satisfaction of our clients proves it.

We have a portfolio of projects that reaffirm what we say. On the other hand, we have friendly and qualified personnel to cover all our specialties. In fact, we do not send personnel that do not meet our quality standards. So you can be assured of a superior level of work.

We do a variety of projects ranging from the smallest to the largest. No no matter the size of the activity, know that we will be there. In addition, our interior interior painting work includes:

* Painting / ceiling repair / moldings.

* Cabinet painting

* Painting of stairs / hallways

* Murals

* Carpentry...

So we match prices to your needs whether for something simple or complex. You just tell us what you want and that's it, we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied. Contact us for a free and personalized quote!!!

We have quality tools and we handle the best brands in the market to reduce the delivery time reduce the delivery time with an impeccable result. In fact, we don't finish a project a project until you see that you have achieved your goal.

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Drywall Service
Drywall Service

Surely you have come up with profitable projects in which you need to have a remodeled space in the shortest time. Or maybe your company has new departments in which it is vital to condition new spaces. For these and other residential cases, the most advisable thing to do is to use drywall services.

It is also a fast and economical way to have constructions that envy nothing to the traditional works created with other materials. Since they would be walls or ceilings with coatings, paintings or decorations like any other.

As more and more everything is more advanced, now you can have exterior structures based on gypsum board because there are several types including those that are fireproof or moisture.

But read on to learn a little more about this amazing material.

Learn more about drywall.

By way of explaining a little about the subject, we will tell you that the drywall is a prefabricated material in the form of prefabricated material in the form of gypsum boards. These boards are marketed for constructions, especially for walls and ceilings. Also for shelves or cabinets.

In other words, it is an alternative to traditional building structures, with the characteristic that there is not the construction environment that normally exists with cement for example. Since these sheets are lightweight, easy to install and with the possibility of decoration than other walls or ceilings.

Before these plates were less used but over time they were gaining popularity due to the more robust versions that were born later. Among them we mention:

  • Anti-fire plates
  • Anti-humidity
  • Special for high traffic
  • Soundproof. Special for noise insulation.

It is important to know that these sheets are aseismic.

Advantages of Drywall.

We have already mentioned some advantages in previous paragraphs.But let's see others that complement the benefits to consider:

  • Adaptable to any space. Since the cut is easy, you just measure what you need, cut and ready.
  • Ease of finding commercially. For example, if for some reason one of these panels breaks down and needs to be replaced, you will have no problem finding another one just like it.
  • The constructions are five times faster than traditional works.
  • The finish is smooth

Drywall Experts.

Gypsum boards are usually easy to install. That is, it can be done by any inexperienced person. But if you want a fast and safe installation we recommend expert contractors.

But if that is your decision please make sure that they actually have expertise in what they are promoting. As we mentioned it is relatively easy. The point is that they claim to be specialists in the area and charge you a bundle when they are not.

So if you want to hire professional services it is best that they have a proven track record of high-level projects. Since the installation is faster, you will have a guarantee and the price is accurate to what you need.

Such is the case of Bkny Interiors, a company with solid demonstrable knowledge in interior design. We have several specialties in everything related to the area and drywall comes in our portfolio.

We work besides installation, in drywall repair and restoration. This includes:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Closets...

Also related to carpentry.

We have a qualified, safe and licensed staff that performs works of superior level. This way you will be sure that you will not lose your investment. On the contrary, you will enjoy a comfortable space that will be finished when you approve it.

We are extremely careful and you will have a clean place at the end of our activities. So don't worry about cleaning up.

Our tools are state of the art to provide a friendly service to our clients. We also use quality brands so that the job is well done to generate satisfaction in those who hire us.

In fact, our popularity was built from good jobs, exceeding expectations. So much so that the demand has been increasing for more than 10 years because the people of New York and its surroundings have been asking for it.

We also offer very economical rates and as if that were not enough we adjust them to the client's needs. In other words, we create a free quote based on the client's requirements.

Our goal is that you are more than a client. That is to say that you feel at home.

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Striped Wall Painting Service
Striped Wall Painting Service

Maybe your bedroom, apartment or office is small and you feel the need to enlarge it. because you are not comfortable. On the other hand you are a person who suffers from anxiety, nervousness or stress more than anything in difficult times. Well, we tell you that the striped wall painting is the perfect solution to this problem. stripes is the perfect solution to this problem.

Believe it or not, stripes bring benefits that many people don't know about and it is worth highlighting. In this way we help people to make the best decision when renovating spaces.

If we ask a conglomerate of people what they would do to enlarge or build spaces, 90% of them lean towards construction. In fact, it is a logical answer because at first glance, it is the solution they know. is the solution they know.

What they don't know is that there are tricks and methods to achieve the same effect with something as simple as paint. the same effect with something as simple as paint. In fact, there are works of art that create a visual effect in their paintings a kind of realism that deceives the human eye.

Well, with the paint for walls something similar happens and designers and painters and professional designers and painters know how to capture. Read on and you will gradually understand what we are referring to. what we are referring to.

Learn more about striped wall painting.

Since ancient times, stripes on the walls are synonymous with elegance, classic style and comfort in the rooms. But besides that, they have a visual and psychological effect on the viewer. 

The best thing is that depending on the type of stripe, it will project a different feeling. For example, vertical stripes are ideal for small spaces and low ceilings. As if by magic, the spaces will look wider and the ceilings will look higher. They also create depth.

So the homeowner or person in the room will not feel overwhelmed. On the contrary, he will be totally comfortable.

On the other hand, horizontal stripes have the opposite effect. That is, they are ideal for large spaces since they shorten the distance of the same. In this case if your room is very large and you have few accessories with this type of stripes the space will look cozy.

So think carefully when you want to expand or reduce spaces and choose the solution that best suits your needs. that best suits your needs.

Advantages of stripes on walls.

You already know the most important benefits that stripes bring to interior decoration. But let's see some others that complement the previous ones:

It conveys order. This is because of the relationship they have with geometric shapes and their paired form. Thus it brings the viewer tranquility, calm and harmony.

You can place a surface with stripes and in the rest of the walls other tones without projecting overload.

They easily enliven any place.

Although it has gone through several generations, it is a very current style.

Start painting striped walls.

Many people take it as a do-it-yourself activity. Maybe it works or not. But when in doubt, it is advisable to entrust it to a painting expert. Just like a painter of works of art.

Indeed, a specialist knows exactly what your space needs. For example, the thickness of the stripes, as this affects the result. In addition, he will also indicate you the tones that are relevant at the time of the renovation.

But so that there are no problems in the future, the ideal thing to do is to research about licensed, insured and certified contractors. contractors who are licensed, insured and certified. Such is the case of Bkny Interiors, a company with a 10-year with a track record of more than 10 years in interior design in Brooklyn, New York.

We have a large portfolio of projects and satisfied clients with our services because we exceed expectations. because we exceed expectations. In fact, to achieve this, we only use the best quality tools and the the best quality tools and the most recognized brands in the industry. 

This way we offer a superior level of service in short response times. Although we do not finish our work until the owners are 100% satisfied and give us the green light.

On the other hand, we only send personnel trained in the service you request because before we make sure that they meet the requirements to carry out the activity in a totally correct way.

Our prices are affordable to all public without detracting from the quality of the result. So we can put together a free quote adjusted to what you require. 

So don't worry about the rates because there is something for everyone.

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Installation / repair / removal of wallpaper...

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Wallpaper Service
Wallpaper Services

Maybe you have in mind to redecorate your walls with a personal style, different and difficult to imitate. On the other hand, maybe the little ones in the house love to scratch the walls and it's a headache. Maybe you want to disguise wall defects quickly and inexpensively? Then wallpaper is ideal for these cases.

Usually when starting a change in the design of a residential or commercial space, it is common to start with the walls of the same. In fact, any minimal change in the walls gives a touch of difference in look.

We can say that apart from beauty as a decorative element, it makes the work much easier with respect to what the contractor performs with the paint. That is to say, of course, that the paint makes impressive transformations. But wallpaper does it in less time and at a lower cost.

But let's see a little more in detail about this interesting alternative.

What is wallpaper all about?

Many know that since ancient times our ancestors used wallpaper to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and workplaces. Then the advent of painting dulled much of this ancient tradition of decoration. 

However, the industry took matters into its own hands and began to create incredible designs with different textures, tones and elegant patterns that would take a long time to create with conventional paints.

They are actually a kind of sheets with different themes that are pasted on the walls and give a classic or modern style to the walls in a short time. But there are several types; among them the self-adhesive, which in addition to being instantaneous is washable. 

There are special ones for different areas of the home. For example for bathrooms. Also for the kitchen. These usually tolerate a lot of traffic. So if you want to look a space, elegant, modern and even in 3D dimension we advise you this method of decoration.

Advantages of wallpaper.

We expand on what we said at the beginning of the article:

One of the fixed benefits that gives the wallpaper, is the ease of mounting in a short time a whole work of art on your wall. To do it with just paint would take a long time. In fact you would pay more money.

Another reason is that there are paintable wallpaper models. This means that anyone can paint it and wash it if they wish. This is totally suitable for children who by nature love to scratch the walls when they are starting to write.

So don't worry, let the spoiled child of the house scratch the wall(s) available with this type of wallpaper. 

Many times the walls suffer small damages that you can easily disguise with wallpaper. This way you avoid paying more for other jobs.

Wallpaper experts.

A vital point in the installation or removal of wallpaper is expertise. It is important that the person in charge of the task has experience because a wrong action would bring bad consequences. would bring bad consequences.

On the other hand, the confidence that everything will go as expected is to pay attention to what the contractor has:

  • License
  • Insurance
  • Certification...

Otherwise you could have more than one bad time including loss of time and money. 

So it's good that you invest a little time in researching interior/exterior decorating and design contractors.

But while you're here, let us introduce you to Bkny Interiors, a company that meets all the requirements to deliver superior projects. In fact we are licensed and insured so you won't lose anything in your contracting. Otherwise you will get the results you expect.

We have a track record of more than 10 years with assignments ranging from residential and commercial painting, renovations commercial painting, renovations to repairs and remodeling. Of course, wallpaper is part of our catalog.

We have expert and fully trained personnel for each of our assignments. In fact, we don't send a professional to do a job without first passing our in-house tests. So the personnel we send out are specialists in the field and you can trust them to do a great job.

Our brands are of the best quality, to give a result that meets your requirements. We also have state-of-the-art tools to ensure that everything is fast, accurate and on time.

Our work includes

  • Wallpaper installation
  • Repair 
  • Removal...

We finish a project when the client says so. That is to say, we are completely satisfied. We are friendly and willing to listen to the customer's needs. So we adapt to the client's needs and pocket. In fact we work on small, medium and large projects.

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  • New Jersey.

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Hardwood Floors
Hardwood Floors

Maybe you are a person who likes to walk around the house barefoot at any time or day of the year. On the other hand you may suffer from allergies constantly due to dust or other agents. On the other hand you are planning to create a gym, spa, showroom with the best design? Well nothing better for the above cases than using hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors besides aesthetics, provide better health conditions to those who live in the place of installation. They also give warmth to the spaces that warm well in all seasons of the year.

As if that were not enough, these floors have some advantages over others, such as the ease with which you can take textures, colors and designs designs easily and quickly. 

The United States and in particular the city of New York uses wood floors in its spaces. In fact, accurate studies have shown that New Yorkers prefer hardwood floors in their spaces than other materials. But let's see a little more about this.

Why are hardwood floors preferred in the USA?

One of the main reasons is its great accessibility since hundreds of species are produced in the United States. So the inhabitants of the country have a number of options with different prices, hardnesses and finishes to install in your home or commercial space.

We strongly assert that of the many types of wood, oak is the most popular. The price is affordable and it has a great resistance that fits in places with a lot of traffic without having problems.

It has a good design and the best thing is its ease to clean, restore or renovate in future times. On the other hand it has great durability and fits perfectly with any residential or commercial design.

Without a doubt, another highly recommended wood is ash, which is not very different from oak. In fact, it is an alternative to oak. So if you are looking for a type of flooring that requires high traffic, light colors and more economical than oak, this option is for you.

Other popular types

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Pine
  • Birch...

Some are less resistant than others that fit perfectly in bedrooms or places with little traffic but look amazing in spaces.

Advantages of Hardwood floors

In the opening paragraph of this article we mentioned the advantages of purchasing wood floors. So here we just complement a bit of these benefits that will certainly make you think when selecting the flooring for your space.

Whether or not your space has this type of flooring, it is good to know that at any time you want you can give the style you like. That is colors, patterns and textures in mind. 

The versatility that exists with respect to this work allows hardwood floors to look personalized in a short time and with ease. Of course, this can be done by experts in the field.

A spa, dance or meditation room usually uses hardwood floors because they provide warmth and allow for fluid concentration. The same is true for indoor courts.

Say goodbye to dust, hair or allergens that accumulate on conventional floors. With wood floors this does not happen.

Ease of cleaning compared to others.

In winter time it provides warmth. But in hot weather it helps to keep the place cool. It's like working with a smart system.

Well... you have several reasons to stick with hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Experts

When the floor falls into disrepair, it is common for many homeowners to hire services to replace it. Indeed, there are people who decide to do it without further ado. But few others take the time to perform a clear analysis to determine whether it is necessary or not.

It is vital that at the moment of hiring services of any kind you know part of the trajectory of the company. That is, valid testimonials or qualifications from clients, insurance, certification and permits. Of course a portfolio of work that proves the quality and experience in the work.

This way you will be confident that the company is serious and that you will not have any problems or complaints about the results. Such is the case of Bkny Interiors, with a long trajectory full of constant dedication to meet the requirements for more than 10 years.

We recognize that it has not been easy but we have always successfully fulfilled the needs of our clients. Although our beginning was only with interior and exterior painting projects in Brooklyn, through time, little by little we grew and today we are more than painting professionals.

Therefore, today we focus on interior design and everything that applies to it. Among them, hardwood floors. Not only installation, but also:

  • Repair
  • Renovation
  • Restoration
  • Cleaning 
  • Bleaching...

We have experts in the area that will make a preliminary study of the area both in existing hardwood floors and new installations. Afterwards we will issue a solution according to what has been analyzed and what you require.

One of the common mistakes, is the hiring of inexperienced people who do the work and stay half way. Others finish them but the consequences appear soon after. So the client loses time and money and has to turn to another company.

Our serious, qualified and certified team will make a good diagnosis to perform the right activity. We will also provide you with an accurate estimate of the problem. Don't waste more money, trust the professionals.

We terminate a project when the client says so. That is to say that he is completely satisfied. We have a friendly treatment and we are willing to listen to the client's needs. That is to say, we adapt to the client's needs and pocket. In fact we work on small, medium and large projects.

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  • New Jersey.

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Office Painting in Brooklyn
Office Painting 

If during the painting process in your workspace there was considerable downtime, forget to call the responsible parties in the future. This should not happen when a company is serious, responsible and expert in office painting.

There are also cases in which the productivity of your company decreases for no apparent reason or at least unknown to you. In reality this is largely due to the incorrect application of shades in your office or work area. So it is vital to know the activities of the company and thus set the perfect tone for maximum production.

So we advise you that when you require painting services, look for one that is experienced and qualified in the area and you will avoid wasting time and money among other things. But read on and you will learn a little more about office painting.

What you should know about office painting.

We start this segment with the popular expression: "a picture is worth a thousand words". This is actually 100% true. But the point is for the place to look the right design with the right tone, otherwise it will be in vain.

So it is important to keep in mind the type and tone of color to apply to offices or commercial buildings. For example if it is a company that requires high creativity from the employees, the green color fits perfectly.

Companies in the field of web or graphic design will be favored with this tone.

Another case is when the work is teamwork and fluid communication between the parties is indispensable. Then the perfect tone is yellow, which also stimulates the brain for a great work performance.

In addition to the tones, it is also vital to take into account the use of superior products. This among other things helps to achieve:

  • Flawless work
  • Less downtime
  • Increased durability...

Best office painting service companies in Brooklyn.

When proceeding to hire a residential or commercial painting company, it is important to have clear information about it. That is: 

  • Track record 
  • Portfolio 
  • User ratings
  • Testimonials
  • Certification
  • Permits...

Positive data on these items is a clear message that the company is safe and reliable. Such is the case with Bkny Painting. Besides having a long path of years of experience in New York City, we have an excellent portfolio of projects with satisfactory results.

On the other hand, we have a professional, user-friendly team available to exceed client expectations with superior workmanship. On top of that, we have the necessary certification and permits to carry out each job. In addition to provide security in the interested party.

Not to mention that we work with various brands but of high quality that of course affects the budget. Of course without losing quality of service at any time. So do not worry.

We adapt to the needs and pocket of the client. In fact we work on small, medium and large projects. That's why we have no problem and so you will be calm and satisfied because we deliver exactly what you need.

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Decorative Finishes in Brooklyn
Decorative Finishes

Perhaps you dream of making a difference in the look of your residential or commercial space in a short period of time. In other words, you want to personalize your space according to your needs. On the other hand, are you looking to give warmth, privacy and aesthetics to a place in mind? then decorative finishes are ideal for these purposes.

We refer to coatings for walls and ceilings whose application can transform a place in both Renaissance and modern. Indeed these coatings come from a special imitation material, for example from a stone such as marble. 

So just imagine what can become your room or place in a short time and with a really economic price. On top of that, in a very short time, you will have a dream space.

Learn more about decorative finishes

These coatings apply to both interiors and exteriors. In the same way in new construction or for remodeling walls or ceilings respectively. We also mention that for new surfaces, the application is with cement base. But for the others, the common thing is to use resin base.

Now, the common tools to apply the material are a kind of wooden or metal plate and a spatula. There are also some professional objects that experts in the field use to obtain fascinating results.


Looking at a wall or ceiling with textured finishes implies that the main benefit is the aesthetics it brings. In fact it is important but it is not the first one. In reality the reasons that manage to captivate the customer are among others:

  • Great resistance
  • Durability
  • Ease of washing
  • Affordable price
  • Warm, solid or acoustic spaces...

Application of decorative finishes

To crystallize your desires about the space you appreciate so much, you only need the right people and the right tools. Although in short it is a simple process, it is advisable to have a specialist to listen to your proposals and bring them to reality. In addition to knowledge, he/she applies exact methods to achieve the proposed objectives.

This and more characteristics are gathered by the people of Bkny Interiors, who have a great trajectory in the world of space renovation. On the one hand we have a good portfolio of interior and exterior painting projects. On the other we cover remodeling and restoration. So decorative finishes have a place in our activities.

We have excellent prices in all our services, providing the best quality to keep our customers satisfied. Also our team is formed by experts in various areas that know how to reach the customer's needs.

Regarding this service you can count on architects and designers who work together to deliver true works of art.

We adapt our projects to the client's requirements. So the price is not a problem. We always know how to reach an agreement based on your budget. Of course without losing quality.

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