Finding and Hiring the Perfect Wallpaper Installation Professional

Wallpaper installation, like most other professional services, can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Some consumers, especially those with direct experience, choose to undertake this process themselves. Many others, however, understand that, unless you’re adept at do-it-yourself endeavors, rookie mistakes can threaten the project’s quality and budget. Wallpaper is rapidly becoming one of the most popular home decorating choices. If you have decided to put your wallcovering project in the hands of an experienced and reputable expert, read on for some helpful tips for locating the perfect installer.

Why an Experienced Paper Hanger is Important

Before thinking about putting up wallpaper, your walls must be prepped, primed and perfect. Otherwise, your finished product will look a little like a youngster’s art project, potentially damaging your walls and leaving a huge mess in its wake. Walls free of defects will hold the wallcovering in place much more effectively, making it easier to remove in the future. Second, already damaged walls will only worsen after the paper is applied. If you make the choice to hire wallcovering professionals, you won’t find yourself halfway through the project with a disaster on your hands.

Locating a Reputable Installer

Thanks to the Internet, hiring an installation pro is much easier than it was in the past. As with any other service professional, look for someone with plenty of testimonials and positive feedback. You may also consider asking friends and coworkers for referrals, an approach that may land you a high-end installer with commendable results. While referrals are helpful, having the opportunity to view the finished work is the best way to determine if the installation was as impressive as the reviews lead you to believe. You can always look for Better Business Bureau accreditation as well, when choosing an installer. Finally, be sure to talk to several installers and solicit multiple bids for your project. That way, you can compare and contrast the reasons certain price quotes may be higher or lower than others. As a general rule, make sure each bid is offering the same services, so you know you’re comparing apples to apples.

What to Include in the Installation Contract

By far, adequate detail is the most important aspect of your installation contract. The installer should provide you with specified costs for each portion of the work, rather than an hourly rate. Likewise, you must provide detailed instructions and set forth your expectations in writing. This includes asking for the contractor’s insurance and license information, to protect yourself against job abandonment or damage to your home or office.

With regard to warranty, be sure that the contract includes provisions for repair or replacement, if flaws in workmanship turn up down the road. Finally, set forth the project schedule and milestones in the contract, along with your remedies, should the installers fail to deliver on their commitment. Consumer protection advocates warn against using any contractors who demand a substantial portion of their payment in advance. Independent installers may request a small percentage up front, but be sure to withhold any final payment until the job is complete and you are satisfied with the results.

Wallpaper installation is possible on a do-it-yourself basis, but a professional installer may save you time, money and heartache. Whichever way you choose to proceed, select your wallpaper from the hundreds of designer-inspired choices available at Wallpaper Warehouse. Their knowledgeable customer service team can help you understand the process, providing you with a significant advantage for overseeing your wallpaper installation.

Guide to Removing Popcorn Ceiling

If you live in a house more than 15 years old, chances are you have popcorn ceilings that went out of style as soon as they started. It can be a lot of hard work to get them down and may even be dangerous, but if you're updating your home, it's a necessity.

Follow this DIY guide to removing your popcorn ceilings, or call a UMNOFF INCORPORATED professional to get the job done right.


Most paint jobs require quite a bit of equipment, and this is no exception. If you’re a big fan of DIY, then you most likely have some of these items already on tap.
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Rosin paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Rags
  • Putty knife
  • Pump up sprayer
  • Liquid dish washing soap
  • 6” or wider floor scraper
  • Sanding pad (with handle)
  • Drywall joint compound and tape
  • Protective equipment


Removing your popcorn ceiling can be a messy job, so proper preparation tactics are important in order to refrain from damaging your walls or floor.
  1. Cover up or remove all furniture from the room.
  2. Cover up any vents with plastic.
  3. Cover wall outlets and switches with plastic, sealing them with painter’s tape
  4. Cover the floor with plastic, going up the wall about a foot and sealing with painter’s tape.
  5. Lastly, line the edge of the ceiling with painter’s tape.

Taking it down

Actually scraping the texture off the ceiling is the hard part; be sure to wear protective equipment and don’t do anything if you think your ceiling might have asbestos.
  1. If the ceiling isn’t painted, fill a pump sprayer with warm water, adding 2-3 tablespoons of dish soap per gallon of water.
  2. Heavily spray a 4-6 foot square section of the ceiling with the solution; wet enough to loosen it, but not so wet that it sinks into the drywall underneath.
  3. Let it soak for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Use a floor scraper, or similar wide blade tool, to gently scrape away the popcorn texture. Make sure not to tear the drywall below the texture.
  5. If the texture is more difficult to remove, spray it again, let it soak, and try scraping again.
  6. Use a putty knife to scrape away any residue and get into the corners.

Finishing Touches

No job is perfect, so you’ll probably need to do some repair and finishing touches after the texture has been removed.
  1. Replace damaged drywall tape and smooth out the joints with joint compound.

  2. Once the repair work has dried, sand the ceiling with a long handled sanding pad. Only sand the spots that are uneven, because too much sanding can damage the ceiling.
  3. The final touch is to prime and paint the ceiling, and admire your hard work!

Trendy Exterior House Paint Combinations

If you plan to refreshed exterior paint colors for your house or choose a color palette for a brand new home, one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make is the color scheme. Exterior paint color combinations typically consist of three colors—a dominant color for the siding, and colors for the trim and accent. The right exterior colors impact the overall appearance of your home maximize its curb appeal. However, color selection represents a challenge because of the many variety of shades and hues on the market. UMNOFF INCORPORATED has seen some color combinations come and go, while other colors remain popular no matter the current flavors of the day. This short guide looks at some color palettes that are currently trending.

What Colors Should I Paint My House?

Determine whether you prefer warm, cool or neutral exterior paint colors for your house. As you research exterior paint combinations, keep in mind the visual impact that your chosen colors will have on your home. For example, dark exterior colors can make a home appear smaller. In contrast, painting the exterior of a large home on a small lot in lighter colors, makes the structure seem more proportional to the lot size.

Some of the more interesting color combinations that you may want to consider include:

  • White/Aquamarine/Tangerine -- Among the exterior color schemes trending this year, white siding, aquamarine paint for framing trim and shutters. Accent the front door with Tangerine to create an attention-getting effect. This color scheme, or similar color combinations, works well for colonial architectural styles.

  • Stormy Gray/Paprika Red/Bright White -- Available in a wide range of hues, gray has always been a color that exudes a chic sophisticated look on the exterior. Use stormy gray as the dominant color for the siding. Paint eaves, window frames, porch trim, and accent the front door, with Paprika Red. Apply Bright White paint to window sashes to make your home a real showstopper.

  • Buttercream Yellow/White/Black -- Yellow creates an enthusiast happy vibe when selected as the dominant color in a palette. Yellows with a red undertone delivers a classic look on the exterior. Buttercream Yellow walls combined with a pristine Bright White trims and accents. Set off these colors with a black-shingled roof makes your homes irresistible and will jettison its curb appeal into the stratosphere.

These are just a few of the more popular exterior color combinations. Consult your painting professional to find the right color scheme for your home.

Tips for Exterior Paint Colors Selection

You can use paint colors to highlight specific architectural attribute For example, if you have a black roof, you may want to consider cool shades for your exterior color palette. If you have brown shingles, warmer colors tend to work best. Some other factors that you should note include:

  • Neighbors’ exterior paint schemes – Make sure that the color scheme you choose matches the same level of intensity as surrounding homes.
  • Local trends– Extend your color selection research to investigate regional and historical color schemes. Also, look into whether your Home Owner's Association has any rules governing your options.

To add more impact to your dominant exterior color, chose darker or lighter color variations to accent building components like eaves, shutters and window frames.

Professional Expertise

Regardless of the final choice of colors for your home, exterior painting is a big project that requires careful consideration and preparation. UMNOFF INCORPORATED specializes in interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you need a second opinion on paint color combinations or prefer to put the entire project in the hands of an expert, we are here to help. Schedule your free estimate and consultation directly on our calendar by choosing the date and time that is convenient for you!
Tile installationSellers of construction stores are already accustomed to the kind of confused clients who do not really know what they need. Even when choosing a tile, such people often can not count how much it is necessary. If the design of the bathroom involves the combination of several colors or tiles of different sizes, the calculation of the required amount turns into flour. In the end, the builders are buying tiles, and after a while they return to return the remains or buy the missing 0.5m2. And if the use of residues in large stores is usually practiced, then problems with the purchase of missing materials may occur.
It may turn out that one of these batches of goods has already been sold, and to order another store does not plan or the shade of a new batch of tiles does not coincide with the previous one. In the store you will not notice it, and at home on the wall, such a difference will be greatly in the eye. The cost of a quality tile is rather high, so it is not worth buying it "on the eye". It is necessary to make a precise calculation and only then go for a purchase.

Tile in bathroom on the floor and wallsTo avoid all these troubles when choosing a tile, follow this algorithm. First, measure the walls and floor of the bathroom. Then go to the store, choose a tile and be sure to ask the seller if there is enough quantity for you exactly this product. If there is, be sure to write down the size of the tile and the direction of the drawing on the decor. Now go home and do your calculations. On a sheet of paper, draw up a plan for your bathroom in a deployed form (each wall separately), while keeping the scale. Now apply the tile contours on the walls. The height and width of the wall rarely turns out to be a multiple of the size of the tile, which means it will have to cut it. It is precisely on the plan that it is easier to determine the places where the cut tile will be the least noticeable. In addition, accurate calculation will allow you to significantly reduce the number of pruners. When the plan is ready, count the required number of tiles of different colors. In order not to be mistaken, make calculations not in square meters, but in the number of tiles. Now you can go back to the store and buy the material, but do not forget that besides the tile you will need a glue for it. If the repair work in your bathroom will be done by a hired employee, he will tell you which glue to buy.
Our professionals at New York Paint Art Office will do best to satisfy your needs and make your plans real. Contact us to get free estimate.

In the modern interior painting walls - a fashionable and popular way of finishing the premises. It is only necessary to choose the right paint for finishing and observe the technology.

Types of paint
For residential premises, water-based paints are more suitable. Water-based paints are not toxic and lie on any surface (except metallic). Water-based paints have a porous structure. Walls under the layer of paint "breathe". This creates a healthy microclimate in the room. Water-based paint creates a durable, beautiful coating that retains its brightness and freshness for a long time.
Some types of paint are suitable only for dry rooms. But there is a water-based paint, suitable for use in wet rooms. It:
  • acrylic paint
  • acrylic paint with latex
  • silicone paint
  • silicate paint
These types of paints can safely paint the walls in the kitchen and bathroom. They are not afraid of moisture, pollution, walls will be easy to wash.

Bathroom with grey walls and white ceiling

A new technology in painting walls - the use of "mosaic" or "granite" paint. This paint consists of small bubbles. It is sprayed with a special gun. When the paint is applied to the wall, a pattern similar to a granite texture is obtained.
Another new paint - "velor". In addition to air bubbles, the paint contains tiny solid particles. The surface covered with such paint, in appearance, resembles velor (although in fact, it is smooth). There is one kind of paint - "mother of pearl" or "chameleon". The paint changes the shade of color depending on the angle of view. In this paint is added natural mother of pearl.
Living room wallpaperThere are a lot of wallpapers, so when faced with such a choice, you need to clearly understand what kind of result you want to achieve. What are the varieties?
  • Vinyl
  • Non-woven
  • Paper
  • Textile
Each of these species has certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, vinyl wallpaper perfectly suited to washing, because most of the dirt from them can be wiped off with a damp sponge.

Classical paper products have high environmental friendliness and variety of choice. If the owner of the room has any allergies, then the paper will become a salvation. After all, there is nothing more important than comfort, especially in private bedrooms. A major drawback of such wallpapers is their low level of strength, as well as the inability to erase any damage or stain.

Bedroom wallpaper installation
Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom - one of the nicest points in the process of repairing the home. On one side of the bedroom - the room is private and all the gaze of guests is not addressed to it, as it happens with the living room. On the other hand, the microclimate of the sleeping space is normal, its walls are not contaminated and not exposed to moisture, as in a hallway or kitchen, for example. So, the choice of material for wall decoration is incredibly wide in terms of the variety of technical characteristics. It remains only to decide on the color and textural decisions - and here before each owner of the apartment or private house there is a big dilemma. I want to create a truly relaxing, quiet environment in the bedroom, using light, neutral shades. But I do not want to get one more boring, stamped interior. We hope that our large selection of design projects, bedrooms, in the decoration of which the wallpaper was used, will help you to find the very "golden mean" of the interior design of your dream.

Transform your home with Paint Art Office. The fast and most affordable way to install wallpaper in your home. We offer an array of services from exterior and interior painting to wallpaper installation.We're not satisfied, until you're satisfied.

House exterior paintingGood preparation for the process is an integral part of it, a guarantee of success and a guarantee of quality. Prepare first tools and materials to avoid distraction, because it is extremely inconvenient, constantly wash your hands, brushes and clothes. You will need:
  • cushion on long handle
  • Medium-sized brush and a small brush
  • grinder with fine-grained abrasive
  • antiseptic primer
  • paint
  • lacquer
  • brush
First, the walls are cleaned of dust and dirt, polished, and brushed with grinding products.
The second step is a primer. It is applied in two layers, carefully impregnating cracks, bends, depressions, knots. The second layer should be applied after the complete drying of the first, about an hour, one and a half.
Then the walls are painted in several layers. The drying time of each paint is different, all subsequent layers are applied after the final fixation of the coating. The finishing layers are varnish, it is also applied in 2-3 layers.

House exterior paintingThe application of the LMC with a brush should be carried out by horizontal smooth smears or by a spray. The application of the product with a spray gun is also carried out in layers.
The colors can be matte and glossy. Brilliant surfaces are not to everyone's liking, besides, all cracks, knots, and other flaws appear on them. Matte surfaces are skewish, but this defect is easily eliminated by properly selected tones or their harmonious combination. There are also semi-matt and semi-glossy paint compositions.
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