Here, in BKNY Interiors We have experiences with couples. The goal is choose a modern design that It could be full of preferences for both, The wife and The groom. Young and Old couples want to renovate love with a decoration. Starting by vinyls or Pictures around bed. Glasses and Lamps. Different Materials are good ideas.
Married Room
Married Room

Very good to search in Internet, there are popular examples, and all kind of pictures. But, if you want a Personal Design and affordable prices, contact us. Affordable Interior Painting in New York understand your vision. What About Mr and Mrs in Walls? A Vinyl with Love?

What if We Prepare a Personal Area for both and at the same time two different Areas for Each one. She Can get make up and He can watch Football.

And Many Ideas, Hearts in Walls, A Wall with Special Moments pictures.
Recent Jobs prefer Wooden Furnitures as a principal Idea. Fascinated with natural effect in Room. Fresh stylish. And Popular This Times. Variety in Designs.

We recommend add a romantic dot in Room. Perfect If You Both Can be Present in Decision.

Our Agents are waiting and Glad to hear about your project.
Mrs and Mr have a long way from here, let us help you to start in right place and all your projects from here and after. Remodelation. Baby Room. Annexes and More. Just Call and ask for service. We do It.
After The Big Moment Make Your Own Design! 
Baby Room
Baby Room
  • Carpet Texture: A good option is a carpet. A personal choice is going to change the environment in no time. An Attractive carpet could be artificial material or smooth with colorful design. Don’t forget our recommendation about colors in small rooms. Bright colours and combinations. White/brown, beige, pale colours. Create a beautiful decoration with wood and delicate colours. Roof brighter than walls to make a bigger room.
  • We Recommend Add Lamps: Adding  elements that capture attention brings a special dot in decoration. Big Lamps in pale tones are perfect if you combine with reflected glasses in walls. An accent color could be orange, grey or brown. A full joy blue too. The long lamp is going to be the center in decoration this year.
Lamps in walls is a different way to make a comfortable environment. In Exterior or The stairs, what a wonderful detail. Have a romantic date with Lamps inside room with color lights. New York Couples in love.
  • Natural Fibers: Change the Vibe at home with a fresh environment, for example We can tell you the Rattan is an excellent material to keep calm and take a fully deserved rest in free time. Easy to maintenance, Did We say Fresh? Yes, We did. Modern and stylish.

Almost anything decoration combine with this kind of natural style. Not Only Rattan, but also silk, cotton, linen, and cork.

Are You Ready to try something New?

Design your own furniture to combine your home with natural fibers. A customized basket or chair should be an elegant effect in decoration.

Try Professionals like us BKNYINTERIORS

Baby Boy or Baby Girl, even if We have a surprise genre, the project comes to be unisex, there’s no problem. Our Team have many ideas and each one have a particular decoration.
Baby Colors
Baby Colors
 We know the decision is hard, our baby deserve good decorative painting and order in the room, not only a beautiful decoration but an easy way to play with the baby and combine the new life parents have to adapt in their routine. We have the solution to this situation and make you feel comfortable with our service and confidence in our professional hands.
  • Mood is defined by the environment color. Rose and Blue are old colors for this age
  • Yellow and red are intense colors to give your baby a full rest, in change, turn the decision to peaceful colors, as blue, white or green. 
  • Black is not a happy option unless you combine the vision adding  a bright color. 
  • We recommend pastel colors. Experts in decoration indicate that calm colours as grey are perfect in sensation for babies. New York babies need to feel their rooms are designed especially for them and the best emotional peace to grow up.
Last note: Wallpaper is better, if you want a funny and full joy decoration It is an excellent choice. Vinyls are a beautiful option and blackboard paint is a creative way to bring your expectations real. Combination is an art of decorative process. Let that part in the professional team as BKNYINTERIORS