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Wallpaper Services

Maybe you have in mind to redecorate your walls with a personal style, different and difficult to imitate. On the other hand, maybe the little ones in the house love to scratch the walls and it's a headache. Maybe you want to disguise wall defects quickly and inexpensively? Then wallpaper is ideal for these cases.

Usually when starting a change in the design of a residential or commercial space, it is common to start with the walls of the same. In fact, any minimal change in the walls gives a touch of difference in look.

We can say that apart from beauty as a decorative element, it makes the work much easier with respect to what the contractor performs with the paint. That is to say, of course, that the paint makes impressive transformations. But wallpaper does it in less time and at a lower cost.

But let's see a little more in detail about this interesting alternative.

What is wallpaper all about?

Many know that since ancient times our ancestors used wallpaper to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and workplaces. Then the advent of painting dulled much of this ancient tradition of decoration. 

However, the industry took matters into its own hands and began to create incredible designs with different textures, tones and elegant patterns that would take a long time to create with conventional paints.

They are actually a kind of sheets with different themes that are pasted on the walls and give a classic or modern style to the walls in a short time. But there are several types; among them the self-adhesive, which in addition to being instantaneous is washable. 

There are special ones for different areas of the home. For example for bathrooms. Also for the kitchen. These usually tolerate a lot of traffic. So if you want to look a space, elegant, modern and even in 3D dimension we advise you this method of decoration.

Advantages of wallpaper.

We expand on what we said at the beginning of the article:

One of the fixed benefits that gives the wallpaper, is the ease of mounting in a short time a whole work of art on your wall. To do it with just paint would take a long time. In fact you would pay more money.

Another reason is that there are paintable wallpaper models. This means that anyone can paint it and wash it if they wish. This is totally suitable for children who by nature love to scratch the walls when they are starting to write.

So don't worry, let the spoiled child of the house scratch the wall(s) available with this type of wallpaper. 

Many times the walls suffer small damages that you can easily disguise with wallpaper. This way you avoid paying more for other jobs.

Wallpaper experts.

A vital point in the installation or removal of wallpaper is expertise. It is important that the person in charge of the task has experience because a wrong action would bring bad consequences. would bring bad consequences.

On the other hand, the confidence that everything will go as expected is to pay attention to what the contractor has:

  • License
  • Insurance
  • Certification...

Otherwise you could have more than one bad time including loss of time and money. 

So it's good that you invest a little time in researching interior/exterior decorating and design contractors.

But while you're here, let us introduce you to Bkny Interiors, a company that meets all the requirements to deliver superior projects. In fact we are licensed and insured so you won't lose anything in your contracting. Otherwise you will get the results you expect.

We have a track record of more than 10 years with assignments ranging from residential and commercial painting, renovations commercial painting, renovations to repairs and remodeling. Of course, wallpaper is part of our catalog.

We have expert and fully trained personnel for each of our assignments. In fact, we don't send a professional to do a job without first passing our in-house tests. So the personnel we send out are specialists in the field and you can trust them to do a great job.

Our brands are of the best quality, to give a result that meets your requirements. We also have state-of-the-art tools to ensure that everything is fast, accurate and on time.

Our work includes

  • Wallpaper installation
  • Repair 
  • Removal...

We finish a project when the client says so. That is to say, we are completely satisfied. We are friendly and willing to listen to the customer's needs. So we adapt to the client's needs and pocket. In fact we work on small, medium and large projects.

Areas of Service

  • Brooklyn 
  • Manhattan
  • Longisland
  • New Jersey.

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