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Exterior Painting Services
Exterior Painting Services

Problems such as stains or mildew on exterior surfaces caused by moisture. Siding that shows deterioration or extreme heat on facades are symptoms that indicate the need for exterior painting services.

We usually renovate the exterior walls of the house or commercial building for aesthetic reasons. But that is not the only reason to do it, since time and weather conditions are a determining factor to initiate the damage in the surfaces.

5 years is the approximate estimate of resistance of exterior painting services. However it can be shorter or longer. This will depend on the quality of work and paint applied.

But apart from this, exterior painting is a quick and easy way to add value to a property. This is ideal for owners who for one reason or another decide to sell the structure. In fact the ROI return is impressive with painting alone.

A little more about exterior painting.

Thanks to technology there is a full range of colors that will enhance any furnishings. You can find both the basics of the color palette and the originals created by paint stores. But also the ones you have in mind, there are no obstacles for that. So you will have a custom color in your property that stands out from the rest.

Likewise, paint stores offer a variety of premium quality brands or some of lesser quality at a lower price. Of course, this does not mean that they are bad, although some of them are.

There is no shortage of special paints for exterior surface treatments. In fact, for a paint to have the exterior seal, it must comply with some requirements that are normally demanded by the standards. Otherwise it would not be suitable for exteriors.

For example:

  • Anti mildew or humidity
  • UV rays protection
  • Easy adhesion...

Now then, the paints for exteriors in addition to smooth walls, are also valid to apply in:

  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl...


  • Ability to protect surfaces for a long time and avoid major problems.
  • Consequently, they avoid higher expenses in repairs.
  • A refreshment to the building making it look impeccable, like new.
  • Increases the value of the house exponentially. 

Experts in exterior painting.

Once you decide to go to exterior painting services, the first thing you should do is to verify the prestige of the company. In fact, there are several ways to do this. But focus on aspects such as: 

  • Portfolio of work
  • Certified customer reviews
  • Rating system
  • License
  • Permits
  • For sure...

With these approved items together with a recognized trajectory and a friendly treatment, you can be sure that you will have excellent results in the project you need for your space.

The above shows us that companies that meet these characteristics have extensive knowledge on the subject. They know exactly what to do and how to do it. Likewise, they know how to apply one or another solution to any problem.

So for this service and other painting and interior design services you can count on Bkny Interiors. It is a company with a history of more than 10 years working at full speed to deliver superior work to the people of New York.

We have a great team that we call family with enough expertise to fulfill the interior design dreams required by the client. You can also rest assured that we have all the legal requirements in order to carry out our activities and guarantee the quality of the results.

We do not only limit ourselves to an excellent job, but we also have attention to detail and a pleasant relationship with our clients. In fact, communication is our channel to reach the best agreements.

Our tools are innovative and of the best brands of products to carry out an effective project but in precise response times. We have different paints suitable for every need, for example mold, humidity or lime. 

Likewise our prices are tailored to your needs. Just tell us your needs and we will make the corresponding visit to the place, based on what you require and adjusted to your economy we will give you a free and fair estimate without additional costs. 

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  • New Jersey...

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